Deadly Drug Drama – Disgusting Degeneration of State

November 25, 2021 0 By Yatharth

SV Singh

Second gruesome chapter of this obscene story begins with a raid by the NCB (Narcotics Control Bureau). Whether it was a raid by a Government Department, NCB or an attack by a gang of extortionists or sea pirates taking possession of the cruise, similar to Hollywood movies; it is difficult to say. Recent WhatsApp transcripts released on Twitter by NCP minister in Maharashtra Nawab Malik confirm that it was, indeed, a raid by extortionists for ransom under the PPP (Public Private Partnership) model!!  The first character of this disgusting and deadly drug drama is its chieftain, Sameer Dawood Wankhede. This, James Bond type Sarkari Babu who claims to make Bollywood drug-free, and who has now been removed (only removed, no action taken) from this case, is the Zonal Director of NCB drawing a monthly salary around ₹90,000. According to Nawab Malik, Sameer Wankhede’s attire and accessories value about ₹35,00,000. He has another humble habit like that of our PM of not wearing the costume once worn again!! Having disproportionate assets is a serious crime, even if there is no complaint, the investigation should begin by automatically registering an FIR as soon as it comes to the notice of CBI. So far, these allegations have neither been denied nor any case is registered. Interestingly, extortion by governments through government officials is getting very popular during these days of state degeneration. It is pertinent to mention two big ticket cases of extortion under PPP model that got unearthed recently. One Congress minister of Maharashtra was ‘helping’ his party by allegedly extorting ₹1 crore every month through Mumbai police commissioner but to his surprise, he found that the same police commissioner is alleged providing the same services to another party!! The minister concerned is in jail while the police commissioner is absconding!! Maharashtra government is complaining that when they did not extend facility of remaining ‘absconding’ even to a minister then why the police commissioner is enjoying the same facilities extended by ‘another party’!! System has degenerated to the extent and ‘criminal-bourgeois political leader-bureaucrat’ gang is so blended together that if a ruling party wants then any criminal can remain ‘absconding’ till eternity.  

The third and scary chapter of this gruesome, disgusting story begins with the entry of ‘Independent Witness/Punch’. Section 100(4) of the Indian Penal Code defines independent witness as,  “Before making a search under this Chapter, the officer or other person about to make it shall call upon two or more independent and respectable inhabitants of the locality in which the place to be searched is situated or of any other locality if no such inhabitant of the said locality is available or is willing to be a witness to the search, to attend and witness the search and may issue an order in writing to them or any of them so to do.During the trial, the testimonies of these independent witnesses are very important in getting the accused convicted. Let’s see, how much is this law respected by this Desi James Bond, Sameer Dawood Wankhede who is on his holy crusade to make Mumbai drug free. How much ‘independent, respectable and local’ the witnesses introduced by Wankhede, actually, are!! First ‘independent and respected’ witness is Kiran Gosavi, who is now lodged in Arthur Road Jail in Mumbai. His selfie in a bindaas and Dabang style with Aryan Khan in Cruise is viral on social media. First introduction of Gosavi was that he is bodyguard of Sameer Wankhede. After that, nation was educated that he runs his own investigating agency. He, then, became an exporter because in 2018 he cheated scores of people in the name of getting them employment in Malaysia. When an unemployed youth, Chinmoy Deshmukh did not get employment even after paying ₹ 3,09,000, he filed a case of fraud against Kiran Gosavi and his assistant Sherbano Qureshi. He also alleges that when he asked Kiran Gosavi to return the money, he took out his pistol. This is yet another sure proof of him being ‘respected’!! This ‘independent and respected’ witness wanted to flee abroad but was caught by the police as one minister was holding press conferences every day. Actually, Gosavi wanted to surrender in BJP ruled Uttar Pradesh, it did not work out. Pune Police says that he has cheated many unemployed. Apart from this, many criminal cases are pending against him. This Kiran Gosavi has been so much liked by the NCB and Wankhede that he has earned the distinction of becoming an ‘independent and respected witness’ in several cases. WhatsApp transcript between him and another scoundrel Qashif Khan confirms that this whole raid was, in fact, an extortion bid. Manish Bhanushali, another ‘independent’ witness, is even more ‘free and respected’ than Gosavi!! He has the distinction of being close to all top leaders of fascist Modi government. Initially, he denied but later admitted that he is a member of the BJP and continues to render “all possible help” to NCB. He is originally from Gujarat. Wankhede likes him too as ‘independent witness’.

The fourth chapter of this disgusting, obscene tale deals with a bribe of ₹25 crore in which if the law had really taken its course than many of these ‘free and respectable’ scoundrels would have been in jail. First only two independent witnesses were reported but then the third witness, Prabhakar Sail appeared who made scathing allegations against Kiran Gosavi. He went to Sahar police station and lodged written complaint that he is bodyguard of Kiran Gosavi and he happened to listen Kiran Gosavi talking to Shahahrukh Khan’s secretary Pooja Dadlani that it’s a deal of ₹25 crores out of which ₹ 8 crores will go to Sameer Wankhede. He also submitted an affidavit to that effect in the court but unsurprisingly, nothing happened. The latest entry in this sordid drama is that of Mohit Kamboj ‘Bhartiya’, a fraudster involved in a bank fraud of ₹ 1000 crores while he was with Congress. He, then, joined BJP as every criminal is doing these days. He was appointed Maharashtra President of Youth BJP under the scheme ‘deadlier the Criminal, higher the Post’!!

Stink of the rotten gutter system peaks when drug peddler’s reach to the then CM residence is established and pictures of drug mafia with even the PM appeared on social media. Maldives party involving scoundrels of different shades of Mumbai surfaced. Whatever was offered by the BJP in response to these devastating, steaming allegations confirmed the worst fears as they only made counter allegations in their defense!! Now this sordid drama has stopped completely leaving the people free to think, how deep this malaise is.

Horrors of Dangerous Drug Smuggling in the Country

The Central Intelligence Department of DRI seized 2988.22 kg of dangerous drug heroine worth ₹21000 crore from Adani’s Mundra port on 15 September 2021. This is by far the largest drug seizure in our country and one of the largest in the world. This consignment originated from Hassan Hussain Limited in Kandahar, Afghanistan and shipped from Bandar Abbas Port, Iran on an import license of ‘Ashi Trading Company’ (GSTIN: 37AOTPG030RIZ7) owned by Vijayawada’s M Sudhakar and his wife Poorna Vaishali. The company reportedly says that they offer their import-export license to earn commission and they are not concerned what material is being exported or imported. They also enlightened the nation that it is a common practice at Adani’s Mundra port!! Earlier in July, 300 kg heroin was seized from Mumbai’s Nhava Sheva port and in August 2020, 191 kg heroin from the same place. The price of this deadly drug in the international market is around ₹7 lakh per kg. The investigation of all these cases is handed over to NIA and since then nothing has come out in public.

According to the United Nations Drug Control Report 2014, drug smuggling in India has increased by 455% between 2011 and 2013. Following are the horrific details of drug abuse in our country as per the 2019 report of the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment.

Drug substanceTotal victimsHabitualAddicts needing treatment
Bhang11,00,000Not knownNot known
Heroine63,00,000Not knownNot known
Chemicals used as toxic drugs25,00,000Not knownNot known
Nasal inhaling drug77,00,00022,00,0008,05,000

Total number of drug addicts in the country is 20 crores 77 lakhs. These figures are for 2019. Nasty drug trade is increasing horribly by 455%, one can imagine the frightening proportion of this menace. It is world’s most flourishing, most profitable business at the moment. The most dangerous and bitter reality is that substance abuse is becoming fashion and symbol of modernity among the youth. Growing number of women too are falling victim to this menace.

Please spare 1 minute to see this worldometer. This shows the expenditure on drug consumption every moment the world. You might not have seen the meter spinning so fast. What a terrifying experience to watch this and think of the consequences. It confirms, how many people are making money by selling poison to people and turning them into addicts. Even children are falling victim to this poison. This is the horrible reality of this profit driven capitalist system where only the money matters, not the method by which it is minted.

Drug addiction among youth is increasing at an alarming rate across the world. Overdose of drugs is the biggest cause of death in America. Cases of instant death can be counted but instances of slow death are uncountable. According to a research published by journal ’24/7 Wall Street’ these are the 15 most dangerous and life-threatening drugs.

S NDrugHow it affects bodyConsequences
1.Acetaminophen, a pain killer used as drugDamages lever completely4500 deaths and 25000 serious patients annually
2.AlcoholLever, stress, loss of sleep, heart attack, suicides88000 deaths
3.BenzodiazepinesBreathlessness31% of total deaths
4.AnticoagulantsHeat attack, freezing of blood in arteriesInternal hemorrhage
5.AntidepressantsHeart attack, depressionLarge share among heart attacks
6.Anti -hypertensionsBP, cancer, diabetesIncreasing deaths
7.BromocriptineIrregular periods among women, infertilityMental disorder, death
8.ClarithromycinHeart attackIncreasing deaths
10.CocaineSex libido, erective disfunctionOver 14000 deaths every year
11.ColchicineBody jointsIncreasing deaths
12.DXM, Cough preventive drugsCough, mental facultyInsanity
13.Digoxin, LonoxynHeart, stomach, vomitingIncreasing deaths
14.Heroine, morphine, BhangMuscles, lungs, nose, kidneyFastest spreading menace increasing deaths
15.Semi synthetic opioids, pain killersRespiratory track, body painCraziness, senselessness, Spreading like pandemic

Saving the Society from Drug Menace is a Serious Challenge

3000 kg of the deadly drug, heroin seized on September 15 at Mundra port in Gujarat is enough to destroy 30 lakh people. One drug addict does not just ruin his own life, but makes the life of the whole family hell and the victim can’t help it. Chemicals present in drugs lead to such metabolic changes in body that cause cravings in body and the victims lose control their body. Person yearns to get that drug anyhow and can do anything for it. He has to be explained very patiently, with a lot of love and compassion under supervision of a medical professional. Getting rid of the addiction is extremely slow and painstaking course, that too success is not assured in every case.

As the collusion by the ruling parties, administration with nasty drug smugglers-traders is becoming evident and brute ‘animal instincts’ of profit making are not only being given a free hand but there is a war cry to reap maximum profits, there is a reason to doubt whether these confiscated drugs remain safe in government warehouses. It is quite possible that entire quantity or a part of it is again reaching the market. If the cost of one kg of material is ₹7 lakh, then it is impossible today to keep it safe in a government warehouse. An ex- Zonal Director of NCB posted in Chandigarh had been caught red handed selling confiscated drugs. He is serving a 13-year jail term. In Bihar, confiscated liquor was emptied in the warehouse itself and it was shamelessly explained that rats have consumed it!! This is not the first time that drug smugglers have been caught in collusion of political leaders in Maharashtra. In Punjab elections, the main election issue raised by AAP was this only that if they form the government, Akali minister Majithia will be in jail as drug was allegedly recovered from his official vehicle. There are grounds to suspect that these drug smugglers are henchmen of big corporates. When drug smuggling can go undetected at government ports, is it possible to arrest smuggling at private ports where profit is the only motivation? Did consignment worth ₹21000 crore arrive at Adani’s port without his connivance? This is just one consignment, how many more would have passed through the ‘channel’ so far, who knows? Adani has not even been questioned yet. Adani’s income has grown @ 257% in 2020-21, earning a profit of ₹1002 crores every day. When all the industries were closed due to lockdown, where did this income come from? Such profit can only come from drug smuggling. It is also reported in media that this seizure happened because the officer who was supposed to be at a place, could not be there due to some reason and the new person spoiled the game. The same way as Devendra Singh, a notorious police officer of Kashmir was arrested while coming to Delhi with terrorists in his car. Otherwise also, most of these occasional seizures are, in fact, result of business rivalry among drug smugglers.

In this entire vulgar and gruesome episode degeneration of state which is being ‘popularized’ in the name of Aryan Khan, another startling reality is underlined. The BJP/Sangh have virtually taken over all the government departments. Violence against the minority community in Delhi which was termed as communal riots was, actually, state-sponsored, to end the movements against the citizenship laws. This reality has been established by a series of scathing observations made by the courts during trial and questioning the very motive of Delhi police in registering FIRs. Even during that violence, people clearly saw how ‘some civilians’ were everywhere present with sticks in their hands to ‘help’ the police. In Jamia library, brutal atrocities were inflicted on peacefully reading students by this ‘civilian’ gang only. CBI, NIA, Income Tax, ED et al are working like branches of BJP/Sangh, the whole country knows. Rules governing the services of the heads of these departments too are amended recently so that loyal officer is kept at helm of affairs till the government wants. A single incident proved how fair the Election Commission is, when a former Election Commissioner was hounded by government agencies just because he differed on one occasion. Former Supreme Court judge Arun Mishra has already said on record that Modi is great and the government and judiciary need to work together. Patna High Court has commented that judiciary is in danger. Conduct of NCB has exposed the stinking reality of this bourgeois democracy and has left no one in doubt about its integrity!! This disgusting drug drama has proved that BJP/Sangh are running all government departments. Rot has reached a stage when they do not even hide this reality. When it got inconvenient to defend Sameer Wankhede, he is removed from this investigation. It is, actually, done to save him. Just like when a pickpocket is caught, his other gang members also join the crowd in thrashing him and then while beating, they push him away. If law was, really, taking its course then Samir Wankhede would have been arrested and taken on remand for intensive interrogation to know the inside story of this nasty drug trade. No body knows it better than him. Adani should also have been treated the same way. This second wave of fascism has learnt from its forefathers of the original first wave that the gimmicks of democracy need not be done away with. This move alerts the gullible masses. Democratic ‘pillars’ should be converted into tools to implement the   fascist program. Where is the need to burn down Parliament like Hitler when it can be smothered and turned into useless, defunct, timid institution?

All types of drugs are freely available in the market. You go to any college, university, you will find drug addicts. Liquor shops are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Liquor shops were the first to open when the lockdown was lifted and people thronged unstoppably. After introduction of GST regime, the state governments have no option left but to sell liquor. A minister of Delhi government has said on record, what else we should do if not sell liquor, nothing is left in our hands. If people do not drink, we will not be able to get salary, we will die of hunger. It is not that only the well- to- do are drinking, you go to any labor chowk and you will find that half of the workers are drunk, smoking ganja. Nearly a third of Punjab’s youth are ruined by drug addiction. Governments are happy as excise duty is their prime source of revenue and secondly and most importantly, youth are getting spoiled. Drug addiction takes away life from a living person. It squeezes the fighting spirit out of an individual. Vagabond can’t launch any agitation against anything, be it state oppression, exploitation, unemployment, price rise of even the drugs they consume. Addiction makes a person detached and fearful, a moving corpse. A drug addict cannot fight, he can only commit suicide.

There is also a happy outcome of the situation. People actively and wholeheartedly participate in anti-drug movements. No matter how addicted one is, no one wants his children going that way. Wherever the protest movements against liquor are launched, there is always tremendous public support for it. Even the Shahrukh Khans of the country have understood that they may be having their ‘Mannat’ at seashore, their double beds may be staked with currency but the bloody claws of drug are reaching their Aryans and also that there are Badshah only in reel world, real ‘Badshah’ is one who serves the corporate. They too cannot survive if the whole society drowning in gutter. There are only two options now, either serve this stinkingly rotten system sheepishly or be part of those fighting against it. This bloody capitalist system has ruined workers and peasants but it will not spare even the middle class, the ‘higher’ class. Depression, frustration, escapism, insomnia, feelings of worthlessness are the traits that have overwhelmed the middle class today and these exactly are the traits that drive one to find solace in utopian drug induced world and this is the collateral product of the present degenerating system. Yearning of imaginary pleasure is suicide in slow motion. This moribund system has nothing else to offer.

Be part of the anti-drug movements to be merged with larger program of anti-fascist movement and bury this rotten capitalist system deep. This is the only way out of this dark alley.