On Communism

December 27, 2021 0 By Yatharth

Periyar EV Ramasamy

Periyar EVR
48th Memorial Day Of The Anti-Caste Warrior 17th Sep 1879 – 24th Dec 1973
Periyar E V Ramasamy, a social-political activist, is well-known for starting the Self-Respect Movement and as ‘Father of the Dravidian Movement’. He founded the Dravidar Kazhagam (earlier, Justice Party) in 1944. His work against the caste and gender inequality was ahead of his time based on which he not only continuously voiced his protests against child marriage, Brahmanical oppression, dowry system, and superstition, but also stood for self-respect, equality among men and women, rational thinking among other ideas. Periyar’s philosophy on the question of religion, caste and women have assumed great importance in the era of rampant sexism and communalism being propagated by the present fascistic regime.  

What should be done, if everyone is to have enough food?

If none consumes more than what is needed, then, there will be enough food for all.

All factories and their management should be Governmental, like the administration of the posts, the Telegraphs, the Railways and the public works. Not a single capitalist should exist in the country. No single individual should be our master.

The principle of communism should come into force in the present day world if people are to live in peace and contentment, free from worries and difficulties and from being deceived by each other. In this there is no place for luck. But our efforts should not bring about the least of personal suffering and desolation to the common folk.

Though my aim is to demand economic equality, I believe that coveting other people’s properties is an act that is worse than economic inequality. Therefore, it is the Government that should divide equitably by Law.

A single person should not have a vast, accumulated possession of land. A time will come when land will be distributed equally to all. If we cannot bring about the time soon, we should remain as path-finders in this.

If a condition free from tensions and discriminations is to be established, a pattern of socialism for all alike should be created. To bring this about, the right to property should be abolished and property should be held in common.

Capitalism should be destroyed at the roots, if the cares and worries of the workers are to be put an end to.

The final aims of communism is to usher in a world order in which the whole world is one family; al its peoples are kith and kin; and all the world’s wealth, its joys, comforts and pleasures belong to that family whose members have an equal share in the property.

Source: roundtableindia.co.in