Haridwar ‘Dharma Sansad’; Fascist Vulgarity at Its Worst

January 29, 2022 0 By Yatharth

Criminal Silence of State Reveals Its Real Character

SV Singh

For raising ‘Dharma Sena’ to protect ‘Hindu self-respect’ and to teach ‘self-defense’ to Hindu youth, a ‘Dharma Sansad’ was organized in Haridwar from 16 to 19 December, 2021. However painful it may be, those venomous genocidal exhortations are to be quoted.

“Shastramev Jayate, mere economic boycott of Muslims will not work, they will have to be wiped out, swords look good only on stage. Only those with better weapons will win this battle, even swords will not work, Hindus need to update themselves in terms of weapons, they will have to take up modern weaponry along with swords. Muslims have to be slaughtered, there has to be ‘racial cleansing’ on the lines of Myanmar, this constitution has to be changed, it has to be saffronized,  not Mahatma Gandhi but Nathuram Godse should be our hero, youth should throw away books and note books from their hands and take up arms, if 20 lakh people die then they will understand what Hindus are, be ready to die or go for a kill, there is no other option, if I was in Parliament, I would have shot Manmohan Singh dead, whoever has understood the Quran is a Jihadi and Hindus will have to take up arms and annihilate every Jihadi. Take up arms and fight, what are you waiting for? Is everyone ready, say are you ready or not?”

Names of ten organizers and blood thirsty, poisonous speakers, the shrieking area commanders of the fascist mercenary army whose names have been registered in the FIR at Jwalapur police station in Haridwar, are; Wasim Rizvi alias Jitendra Narayan Tyagi, Prabodhanand Giri, Yeti Narasinhanand alias Deepak Tyagi, Pooja Shakun Pandey Annapurna Devi, Sindhu Sagar,  Dharmadas, Paramanand, Anand Swaroop, Ashwani Upadhyay, Suresh Chauhanke (Sudarshan TV).

After Haridwar, similar gatherings were organized at Delhi, Raipur and Ghaziabad, in which open calls for massacre of Muslims were given, justifying assassination of Gandhi by Godse and declaring India as a Hindu nation. A pledge was taken to saffronize the Constitution. “The announcement has been made from Haridwar, now what are the Hindus waiting for? Modi has given the slogan ‘Clean India’, our slogan is ‘Holy India’. We will make the pious land of India holy by killing jihadis.” Sinister plan to further fan communal flame and put the entire country on fire is put on halt for the time being!

In the name of action, CM of Uttarakhand was seen, shamelessly touching feet of these bloodthirsty saffron attired mafia, giving clear message down the line to the police of the state what course is to be taken! Unsurprisingly, CM’s name is not there in the FIR. Neither the state acted nor supreme court took suo motu cognizance. It was only after a petition was filed by Patna High Court retired Judge, Anjana Omprakash and journalist Qurban Ali that the Supreme Court constituted SIT. Kalicharan, Rizvi alias Tyagi and Yati Narsinghanand have been arrested so far, all others are roaming free. Not only that, Hindu Sena has filed a petition in supreme court that Hindu saints are intimidated by arrests while no action is being taken against Muslim religious leaders!! 

By the way, criminals, rapists and thugs hiding in saffron garb are getting government protection since 2014 itself. Instead of being arrested and locked in jails for life, these hard-core criminals roam around in a nawabi style under police protection. This time, however, a new experiment has been tried, a new low is touched at Haridwar. Earlier these thugs used to retract their statements in front of the camera to avoid arrest after spewing anti-Muslim, anti-constitutional, anti-women, anti-Dalit venom. And the police that has been an accomplice, a conspirator in such heinous criminal acts all along, used to get an excuse for not taking action but that excuse is not available this time. This is the first occasion that after calling for massacre of Muslim community en mass and threatening to kill two million people, calling for genocide and inciting youth to take up arms, they dared state by acknowledging that, yes, we did that and we meant what we said in front of camera-recorders. Back from Haridwar in their respective criminal bases, they followed that up. As an accomplice, the Uttarakhand Police sheepishly said ‘we are keeping a close watch on the incident’ as if saying that they are alert that these poisonous ‘dharmacharyas’ do not face any inconvenience. ‘Investigation is on’ but those who openly declared genocide, stand by their statements even today, are roaming free.

Calling for Genocide is as heinous a crime as committing act of genocide

The word genocide is the ‘contribution’ of the Italian and German ancestors of this modern, Indian variant of the same virus. The term Genocide was first used by Polish lawyer Rafael Lemkin in his book ‘Axis Rule in Occupied Europe’. Please remember, Poland suffered the worst horrors of Nazi persecution. The Greek word ‘genos’ means ‘breed’ and ‘cide’ means ‘to kill’. To kill entire community just because they belong to a particular race. UN declared Genocide as a heinous crime against humanity in 1946, and in 1948, the Genocide Convention was held in Paris, in which 149 countries from around the world including India participated. A special resolution was passed declaring Genocide as a heinous crime against humanity, which was made applicable even to those countries which did not participate in that convention and did not sign the resolution. Article II of the Convention defines Genocide as:

“To do any one or more of the following acts in order to eliminate, in whole or in part, any nationality, race, ethnicity or religious group”:
  1. Killing the members of a group.
  2.    Causing serious mental or physical trauma to the members of a group.
  3. Thoughtfully creating a situation so that the whole or part of that group may be destroyed.
  4. To take such measures so that further birth of children in the said group is stopped.
  5. Forcibly snatching the children of the said group and handing them over to another group.

Under the convention, every country in the world, even those who did not sign it in 1948, would be obliged to take strict action against people or groups involved in the heinous crime of genocide, and if it fails to do so, any other country or countries are obliged to take action against that country. Any person on behalf of that group can go to the International Court of Justice, Hague to seek justice. All those who gave speeches in Haridwar are guilty of a heinous crime against humanity under Section B and C of the Genocide Convention. Though India was one of the prime sponsor nations at Paris Convention against genocide and ratified it quickly but the Indian bourgeoisie is so shrewd and cunning that no law against genocide is enacted till date under CrPC or IPC. Anyone who is accused of the heinous crime of genocide is, in fact, charged for ‘spreading enmity between two communities!!

On 26 December, 76 eminent lawyers of the Supreme Court wrote to the CJI that “the speeches made in Haridwar ‘Dharma Sansad’ have not only posed a serious threat to the unity and integrity of the country, but the lives of the entire Muslim community are in danger.” These speeches are not a stand-alone incident but a part of a wider sordid chain. Senior Supreme Court lawyer Prashant Bhushan also filed a PIL in the Supreme Court requesting strict and urgent action, alleging very correctly that these ‘sadhus’ don’t care for the law of the land because they know that the government and the police are with them. He also said that ‘Bhai-Chaara Council’ should be formed in every district of the country. Prayed to the Supreme Court that the participants and organizers of this poisonous gathering should be immediately arrested under UAPA. On 7 January, 183 academicians, scientists, professors and scholars of the country, including professors from IIM Ahmedabad and Bangalore, wrote a letter to the Prime Minister that your silence is heart-wrenching, encouraging the hate maniacs. These people are crushing the Constitution and are ready to tear apart social fabric, they have no fear of the law of the country. Keeping quiet is not an option. The rhetorical PM is silent.

Another significant and noteworthy feature of this open call of genocide is that for perhaps the first time, several retired senior military officers wrote to the supreme court and PM that these venomous sadhus are creating fissure in the ranks of armed forces as there are good number of persons of the targeted community in their ranks. This development should have alarmed the state but nothing of that sort happened. This means that this way division of the social fabric is more needed to the state today and even this risk of a section of armed forces turning against it can be taken! It can’t be understood in any other way.   

More than a month has passed since the ‘genocide convention is held at Haridwar, entire nation is alarmed, can’t believe it but the state is coldly silent as if a new experiment of stooping to the new law has been conducted and they are watching, how long can the people go to oppose! Yet another petition is filed in supreme court by the renowned journalist, Sashi Kumar on January 18th, troubled as he is that no urgency to act is shown by the state. His submissions are close to the reality of this fascist experiment. “The pattern of such incitement and advocacy is coupled with the notable silence of the State machinery to use tools at its disposal to effectively curtail that. There is State-sponsored political agenda behind such activities.”

Retired navy chief and distinguished winner of ‘Maharashtra Gaurav Purashkar’, Admiral L. Ramdass has written a passionate letter to all the political parties and the President of India on January 18th 2022,

“The forces of Hindutva have crafted a divisive and polarizing narrative, in order to push all national issues into the background, to enable one party to use its virtual legislative monopoly to effectively recast the nation as a so-called Hindu Rashtra. The open calls for genocide of Muslim minorities and others, is a threat to external and internal national security, as well as to the very idea of India. If this is allowed to continue, it would lead to civil war, with great suffering and loss all around… ‘We the people’ look to party leaders like yourselves, to keep the interests of our nation and the people of India above all other narrow concerns of electoral victories.”  

It’s pertinent to mention an incident here. Farmers movement was on and a government employee faced inconvenience to reach his office as one-side road was blocked. He posted his inconvenience on social media. Supreme Court, showing extraordinary sensitivity, began hearing without bothering about Corona. Why is such sensitivity of the Supreme Court evident only when it is meant to provide relief to the government and not when the central government itself has to be put in the dock? This is a debatable point. There are 31 judges in the Supreme Court and all have equal rights. Anyone can take suo motu cognizance of any important incident and initiate investigations as per roster. In the independent India till now, there has never been an open declaration of genocide. Not only this, all the videos are available, all the recordings of speeches are available, Supreme Court lawyers, retired judges, retired Navy Chief, academicians, scientists, journalists were screaming. Not only in the country, but this issue is resonated in the parliaments of Australia and Britain. The media from all over the world reported it, even then the Supreme Court intervened only after petition was filed by Justice Anjana Omprakash and journalist Qurban Ali and the top political ‘duo’ is mum.

Unlawful Activities Management Act, UAPA is such a draconian black law that the accused can’t get bail unless government agrees. Raising slogans like ‘Shastramev Jayate’, Hindus have to use swords and update the weaponry, inciting youth to take up arms by throwing book copies, claim of shooting the former PM in Parliament itself, shouting slogans to kill two million Muslims, openly calling to wipe out a 200 million strong community, as happened recently in Myanmar and proclaiming a Hindu Rashtra by trampling the Constitution under the feet; none of these crimes is considered ‘unlawful activities’ attracting UAPA. Which activities, on the other hand, are ‘unlawful’ where UAPA is invoked, Let’s examine? The first ‘dreaded criminal’ who was kept in jail in UAPA from 02.09.2017 to 01.09.2020 is Dr. Kafeel Khan, a Pediatrician in Gorakhpur Medical College! Hundreds of children die of fever every year in that hospital during rainy season. In 2017, children were dying of breathlessness and the administration was in no hurry to arrange oxygen. Dr. Kafeel could not bear and he himself brought oxygen cylinders in his car with his own money. The ‘Hindu Hriday Samrat’ CM was furious as it dented his ‘reputation’. The court held that Dr. Kafeel is absolutely innocent, no case has been made out against him. But the same court said nothing against those who kept him in jail for three years!! A journalist reported that roti and salt is served as ‘nutritious food’ in the mid-day meal in schools and found himself in jail under UAPA. Millions died gasping to breath in UP during corona epidemic but the CM was threatening, if anyone complained about the lack of oxygen, he/ she will be booked under UAPA!! Siddiq Kappan, another journalist is in jail under UAPA since October 5, 2021for ‘daring’ to visit a Dalit woman raped, murdered in day and cremated in night without informing the family members!! Court commented that he is innocent but stopped at that very point. He will be in jail till ‘Yogi ji’ wants. Umar Khalid is locked in UAPA since 14.09.2020, locked in fetters and handcuffs as if a dreaded terrorist, no one, not even courts know what is his crime! An 84-year-old sick, too weak to hold even spoon in his hand, Father Stan Swami engaged in social work among the tribals of Jharkhand, died in jail. He was ‘picked up’ on 8.10.2020 as an accused in the ‘Bhima Koregaon case’. The whole country appealed, please release him but Nizam remained unmoved. His body came out of jail on 05.07.2021. Exactly same fate is awaiting 86- year- old Varavara Rao. He has lost physical control over stool and urine. He is not granted bail. His parole period is being extended every time by 15 days, so that the sword hangs on the head. The American company ‘Arcelor Consultancy’ has proved that the Bhima Koregaon case is a complete fraud because the ‘evidences’ are planted by hacking their e-mails. The list of victims is long and growing. Collapse of democratic institutions is so complete that such callous acts have ceased to arouse any mass anger, it has become a routine. Still, there are ‘scholars’ who debate endlessly that ‘the roots of democracy are so deep in our country that fascism cannot come!!’

Who is financing BJP, RSS, Muths, Akharas & Ashrams?

Entire nation is alarmed at what happened at Haridwar in December last. Every dimension of this genocide exhortation requires to be examined and analyzed. Attributing it to the so called ‘fringe elements’ will be a terrible mistake. The fundamental point is, who is financing these genocidal armed troopers, this religious mafia? Why does Ratan Tata, the ‘Gentle Men Corporate’ of the country, visits RSS HQ in Nagpur to pay obeisance every time a PSU is put on sale? How the likes of Mukesh Ambani-Gautam Adani dare put their hands on the shoulders of the PM of 140 crore people, roll their hands on his back, when farmers even at a kilometer distance pose threat to his life? Who purchases electoral bonds and finances ruling party and how getting this information even under RTI becomes a threat to nation? Why did the government take so much time in deciding that ‘PM Care Fund’ is a charity trust? If PM Care Fund is, indeed, a charity trust, then why is the money put in it is counted towards 1% of the profits required to be paid by the corporate donors under ‘Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)’? It can only be counted under that head if money is deposited in a government account. Mandatory criteria set by CPWD for participation in government tenders was flouted again and again to facilitate Gautam Adani’s company to get all the contracts for the maintenance of the country’s airports, isn’t it a fact? There are so many such questions which are in everybody’s mind, though none may be asking now. Will the people shut their mouth and ears forever like this? No one should harbor that illusion.  Answers to these questions are directly linked to the answer of this vital question, from where is so much money coming to RSS, BJP, Muths, Akharas, Ashrams. In case one is really serious to this grave menace to national unity posed by the deadly, venom spewing fundoos of Haridwar, then it is essential to question, how these palace-like offices of BJP have come up in every city after 2014? Why is there no dearth of money for the ruling party to buy MLAs, MPs? How do these saffron attired blood thirsty Akhadawallas fly business class, afford to organize Dharm Sansads for weeks under five-star facilities anywhere, anytime country when millions of workers are condemned to walk on foot thousands of kilometers and die on the way? Why money is no bar for disruptive, fratricidal, fanatic, non sensical activities in this country? Financers to these genocidal activities are to be made co-accused in this conspiracy. These profit hungry corporate sharks, who dole out money, are the prime culprits in this conspiracy, let there be no confusion. Corporates feed all bourgeois parties out of their loot of the labor power of workers but during the last 8 years the corporates have opened their vaults for the RSS and its tributaries, as if saying, take as much money as you want but keep dividing the society in as many fragments as possible, kill 20 lakh minorities, carry genocide, as our surplus value can’t accrue the normal way during this phase of systemic crisis of imperialism. That’s the way finance capital behaves everywhere!! Facilitate our loot and booty will be shared faithfully, rest assured!! Corporates are helping these pathological fanatic scoundrels not only by providing money, they are also helping them in all possible ways. Most of the TV channels are bought by Mukesh Ambani, why is the hate agenda of Sangh and BJP, Modi Kirtan goes on unabated round the clock? Who created this larger- than- life image of Modi over night before 1914? Has, anyone ever watched TV debates on the issues of life and death of people who are crushed under never before price rise, unemployment, commercialization and saffronization of education and what not? History is witness, when Hitler was throwing Jews, Communists into gas chambers, German corporate was raining money over Nazis, opening the doors of their factories for training of their mercenary killing brigades. Factories manufacturing even kid’s toys were transformed into factories producing cannons and bomb. German Corporate was gleefully supplying ammunition. ‘No problem, let millions die, but Hitler is securing world market for us to plunder, we must strengthen his hands!!’ What was the result? Today in Germany, Italy and Japan no buildings constructed before 1945, exist, all were bombed to ashes. Hitler’s bunker, a symbol of Germany’s national shame, has been covered, a car parking has been built over it. People of Germany bow their head in shame whenever Hitler’s name is uttered. Mussolini’s corpse was kept hanging upside down from the pole so that people could spit on his face, people could pee into his mouth. There was a competition to shoot his dead body!! Hitler knew Mussolini’s fate and he escaped that only by killing himself after he heard the foot- thumping of the valiant red army. Be it Germany or India, fascism is capitalism in decay as explained in detail by Lenin, the great leader of the world proletariat. It comes as a dying need of capitalism and goes to grave along with it. Without burying Capitalism-Imperialism, there is no getting rid of this cancer.

Should the working class too keep writing letters to the PM to take action against this deadly ‘FRONTLINE OF FASCISTS’?

A sleeping person can be awakened but what about one who is well awake and pretending to be asleep, covering his face? Can anyone wake him up? In such a situation, will he wake up just by writing letters? As many as 76 renowned lawyers, 126 distinguished academicians, several retired senior army officers wrote passionate letters to awake the ‘almighty’ PM but he who never fails to invoke Gautam Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi’s legacy on every foreign trip, has not uttered a single word to condemn these bloodthirsty hate mongers of Haridwar, Delhi, Ghaziabad, Aligarh, Mathura. What does it mean? There is a clear work division among ranks of the fascists. One team peddles hate, keeps increasing its vulgarity as the absorbing capacity of the masses is also increasing. Second team is, then, activated to save the frontline by stalling filing of police complaint as long as possible, if booking these seasoned criminals is incumbent to quell mass anger then charge them on flimsy charges, ensure that FIR is filed in a BJP ruled state. There is no difficulty in managing this as the police and administration are already conniving and their CMs touch feet of this mafia. Panel advocates, then, take over to make a mess of the case. Most of the judges allow themselves to be managed. End result of this ‘team work’ is that the venomous ‘sadhus’ are back in business within no time, garlanded by bhakt-n-and-troll army. They get promoted and their performance in spreading venom and engineering riots are given ‘due’ weightage while appointing ministers, CMs, governors, vice chancellors and other so many seats of power and pelf. Entire team is protected, activated, motivated, conducted by BJP’s top political leadership, top ‘duo’.

Parliamentarians of Australia and Britain began to reprimand their PMs for having a relationship with Modi, foreign media began to write nasty articles. It was only then that Supreme Court woke up to take action. No Suo Motu action was taken even when entire nation was aghast. After initiating action, it has allowed itself to be lured into inertia after token arrests as if nothing serious has happened. The duo’s silence is sending clear signals down the line. May be after another month, they may ‘strongly condemn’ Haridwar by uttering ‘law will take its course’. That’s very sarcastic, really cruel.  Supreme Court may also begin hearings but will this fascist brigade give up its core business? No one is under that illusion anymore. Fascism is decaying capitalism. Can the decay of capitalism-imperialism be halted now, leave alone reversing it or converting into healthy and hefty, ‘welfare’ capitalism? No one is, again, under any illusion. It is easy to identify the poisonous abbots wearing saffron attire, spewing fire but it is difficult to reach their real masters, facilitators, hence, the disease cannot be completely eradicated. An esteemed writer, Rajni Pam Dutt studied fascism thoroughly and objectively and concluded;

“Behind the ranting megalomaniacs, bullies, drug fiends and broken-down bohemians who constitute the outer façade of Fascism, the business heads of finance capital who pay the costs and pull the strings are perfectly cool, clear and intelligent. And it is with the real system of Fascism in this sense, rather than with the imaginary ideology created to gull the innocent, that we are here concerned. The second, the professed fanatic ideology, is only of importance in relation to the first, the real working system for the maintenance of the capitalism in conditions of extreme crisis and weakening.” 

For well-intentioned, awakened, elite middle class also, the time has arrived to realize that their ‘elitism’ is in danger. Fascism is a very violent, nasty, vulgar and cruel system. It is painful but a reality for the easy- going, ‘peace loving’ middle class, always looking for ‘middle course’. They are well advised to watch ‘Schindler’s List’, so that there remains no confusion. In full blown fascism, anyone who is not a tool of the fascist maniacs, then he/ she is an enemy and requires to be eliminated. Famous pastor Martin Niemöller did not write that classic poem out of sheer imagination. Fascists really come one by one for everyone and when the turn of the naïve fence sitters comes, there is no one to save them. Fascism is not practiced by the ruling capitalist class for fun. This is the last and desperate measure to save the moribund, dying capitalist-imperialist system. Liberator of this cruel, inhuman, profit driven system is, the proletariat. A revolutionary upsurge of the exploited working class, toiling masses under the leadership of the proletariat and peasants will bury this rotten stinking corpse of fascism-capitalism-imperialism. It is well past its expiry date. Socialist revolution will usher in a humane system that respects humanity, justice and labor and bears no non sense of hate mongers of any shade. It is wrong, however, to infer that the middle class has no role to play in revolution. Middle class, the liberals, must first of all forge a class commitment with the working class. Otherwise also, they are destined to join the ever- increasing massive army of the proletariat only. Days of small capital, middle class are over. The most important task today is to awaken and organize working class on revolutionary lines to arouse class consciousness among them. Historically, this task is always accomplished by middle class committed to the working class. It is also essential to save the diminishing democratic space. It is also necessary to write letters to the Supreme Court-PM fearlessly and seek answers to the growing distress of the people but the top most agenda has to be to go to workers slums, awaken, educate and organize them on Marxist-Leninist revolutionary line.

Working class led by the proletariat is the real revolutionary class, leader of our times and rulers of the coming age. Workers don’t have time for nuances of writing letters to PM and filing petitions before the supreme court. They have to defeat this monstrous religious mafia once and for all. They have to win this fight against fascism decisively. Fascism, in the words of our beloved leader Clara Zetkin, is a punishment for the workers for not being able to bury this rotten system. The glorious farmers movement has taught that the real power vests in masses on the road and not in any Parliament or the PMO. It’s been 85 years since the first boil of fascism ripened. Financial crisis has aggravated many times over since then. Hitler and Mussolini were somehow able to provide some succor to their mercenary lynch mob, the misguided youth, by providing jobs even if in gunpowder factories. Their current breed can’t do that even. They can only offer jumlas, lies, humbug and hypocrisy. The system is dying on its own. Even after shamelessly robbing the rights of the workers and allowing the bourgeoisie to squeeze as much blood of the workers as they want, capitalism is not able to come out of the ICU. Most significantly, even the gullible, ignorant masses are able to see through their nasty game. This is the collateral, unintended advantage of fascist system that nothing remains hidden, the real bloody face of the state comes out in open for everybody to see. No one is be-fooled by the Haridwari saffron gang. Minority community is conducting itself so responsibly that not a single provocative statement was heard countering the saffron mafia of Haridwar. Fascists are frustrated because they are not able to tear apart the social fabric and they failed to engineer a single riot even after all that. People are vehemently refusing to be divided on communal lines. They are ready to fight on the real issues of their life. Anger against the system is erupting not only among the workers and laborers but also from the middle class. Could anyone had imagined that even the ‘zamindars’ would be sitting on the borders of Delhi for over an year. Entire society is getting politicized. Hot and real political discourse and heated debates are taking place everywhere. ‘Something has to be done’ even the pathological fence sitters are activated. Remaining neutral and passive is getting difficult by each passing day. All these are clear signs that this impious system is going down the drain. The robber class cannot forget the fact that the last fascist experiment had not only destroyed Europe, but in the end, the red flag of communism was fluttering gloriously over half of Europe and China, Korea, Vietnam followed the course soon after that. Farmers, the mightiest supporters of the ruling dispensation have fallen apart. Farmers are extending their arms of friendship towards workers. Working class has to respond warmly in a comradely fashion. Coming nation-wide joint strike on Feb 23 & 24th is heralding a new era. People’s committees led by working class are to be constituted in every locality to fight this menace of fascism culminating into a countrywide massive wave of anti- fascist movement to liberate and save humanity from the yoke of exploitation and destruction. Socialism or annihilation, there is no third option. Workers and peasants make an invincible army capable of burying this capitalism-imperialism-fascism stinking filth, deep. In the words of the great leaders, teachers and guide of the proletariat, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, the workers have only their fetters to lose and the whole world to win.