Rally & Central Convention in Patna on Comrade Sunil Pal 12th Memorial Day

January 29, 2022 0 By Yatharth

On the occasion of the 12th Martyrdom Day of Comrade Sunil Pal, revolutionary leader of the working class and the West Bengal trade union movement, a martyrs’ day rally and a central convention at IMA Hall was successfully organized in Patna on 29th and 30th December 2021 respectively in memory of all martyrs of our organisation as well as the world communist movement, by Proletarian Reorganizing Committee, CPI (ML) and Indian Federation of Trade Unions (Sarwahara)

The topic of the Convention was – “Repeal of Farm Laws, MSP Guarantee Law and the Question of Emancipation of Farmers”.

PRC, CPI (ML) | IFTU (Sarwahara)

Rally held successfully despite rainfall

The rally was organized on 29th Dec from Buddha Smriti Park near Patna Junction to Gardanibagh. Despite incessant rain, hundreds of workers and revolutionaries participated from different districts of Bihar (Patna, Gaya, Motihari, Gopalganj etc.) as well as from different states (Delhi, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand). Workers from various labour chowks and bastis of Patna (Kankarbagh, Munnachak, Malahipakdi, Hanuman Nagar, Kanauji, K-Sector, Kurthol, Sipara, Ramkrishna Nagar), and from various regions of Gaya (Paraiya, Dihuri, Nawa, Barachatti, Ballia) participated in great numbers.

Downpour and drizzle from the day before until 29th morning and also during the rally affected the strength of rally by more than half. The worst affected were the people coming from Gaya since it was raining heavily there since the day before. Comrades from villages far away from main town ideally have to leave for Gaya station a day before in the evening itself to catch a train to Patna in the night, and also carry some dry fooditems for the journey, which was not possible in this weather and hence, it became impossible for any one of them to join the rally. The newly connected villages that were a few minutes away from Gaya town by road (auto/tempo ride) were only able to reach and that too after getting drenched in the rain and waiting the whole night in ice-cold weather at the railway station to reach Patna at 5 o’clock in the morning. Similarly, the number of people coming from Motihari was greatly affected. In fact, preparations had been made to hold a massive rally in Patna this year in which there was to be strong participation from numerous villages of Patna and its the adjoining districts, and especially from Gaya and Motihari districts.

Anyway, amidst the possibility of rain, the Martyrs’ Day Rally started at around 12 o’clock, while the proposed time was 10:30 to 11 am, with deafening and rousing slogans. It reached the protest site via Gardnibagh bridge, R Block and Vidhan Sabha taking about an hour, where it culminated into a mass meeting at around 1:30 pm.

The mass meeting was conducted jointly by comrades Kanhai Baranwal and Akanksha, and was addressed by Com. Ajay Sinha (GS, PRC CPI ML), Mukesh Aseem (Editor, THE TRUTH magazine), Satya Veer Singh (Editor, YATHARTH magazine), Amit (MEHNATKASH magazine), Upen Raut (MAZDOOR KRANTI PORISHAD), Vashishth Tiwari (CPI (ML) RED STAR), Somendu Ganguly (LAL JHANDA MAZDOOR UNION SAMANVAY SAMITI), Ramji Singh (INQLABI MAZDOOR KENDRA), Sanjay Sarwahara (IFTU (SARWAHARA)).

Cultural teams of Bihar and Delhi, which included comrades Vindvyas, Raju, Vidushi, Ashu, Arjun, Akanksha, Dhananjay, Umesh Nirala, and Satyendra also presented revolutionary working-class songs and hymns.

At the end of the meeting, a memorandum was submitted to the President through the Chief Labor Commissioner, Patna, on behalf of the Central Committee of IFTU (Sarwahara), comprising a charter of Immediate demands of the working class viz. ₹25,000 minimum wage, against inflation and privatization, repeal of 4 labour codes, ensuring employment for all and strict implementation of labour laws.

Paying revolutionary tribute to all martyrs of the revolutionary movement worldwide, the meeting ended with powerful slogans.

* * *

Constructive Discussion on Farmers Movement and Question of Farmers’ Emancipation held in Central Convention

The Central Convention was held in Patna’s IMA Hall on 30th Dec on the topic “Repeal of Farm Laws, MSP Guarantee Law & the Question of Emancipation of Farmers”.

More than 150 delegates were present from different districts of Bihar (Patna, Gaya, Motihari etc.) as well as different states (Bihar, Delhi, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand).

The meeting began with a welcome address delivered by Com. Sanjay Sarwahara, and was conducted jointly by comrades Kanhai Baranwal, Akanksha, and Siddhant. The approach paper (hindi PDF link below) of the Convention was presented by Com. Ajay Sinha (GS, PRC CPI (ML)).

Speakers who addressed the Convention included Com. Mukesh Aseem (Editor, THE TRUTH Magazine), Satya Veer Singh (Editor, YATHARTH Magazine), Amit (MEHNATKASH Magazine), Arvind Sinha (CPI (ML)), Arjun Prasad Singh (MORCHA Magazine), Vashishth Tiwari (CPI (ML) RED STAR), Somendu Ganguly (LAL JHANDA MAZDOOR UNION (SAMANVAY SAMITI)), Ramji Singh (INQLABI MAZDOOR KENDRA), Ram Naresh (COMMUNIST WORKERS CENTER), Sanjay Shyam (NAGRIK ADHIKAR SURAKSHA MANCH), Satish (COMMUNIST CENTER OF INDIA). Comrades of SARWAHARA EKTA MANCH Rajasthan, Com. Pyarelal ‘Shakun’ (Convenor) and Bajrang Lal (Jhunjhunu Convenor) had sent encouraging messages wishing the Convention’s success which were presented by the Presidium.

Cultural teams of Bihar and Delhi comprising comrades Vindvyas, Raju, Vidushi, Ashu, Arjun, Akanksha, Dhananjay, Umesh Nirala, Satyendra, also presented working-class and revolutionary songs/hyms in the meeting. Comrades Rambali (KRANTIKARI SANSKRITIK SANGH) and Sukumar Mazumdar (Lal Jhanda Mazdoor Union (Samanvay Samiti)) also presented revolutionary songs.

All the speakers presented their important views on the question of the emancipation of farmers from perspective of the working-class in the context of the historical farmers’ movement that lasted for a year, which led to the repeal of three farm laws and the emergence of the question of legal guarantee for MSP for all farmers. In the end, a sum up was presented by Com. Mukesh Aseem. Finally, paying revolutionary tribute to Com. Sunil Pal and all our revolutionary martyrs, the meeting was concluded.