PRC’s Statement of Thanks

May 31, 2022 0 By Yatharth

For the Revolutionary Movement’s Contribution in Comrade Ajay’s Treatment

Dear comrades and friends,

As is already known that in the first week of April, Comrade Ajay Sinha, GS, PRC CPI (ML), who is also an ed board member of ‘The Truth’ and ‘Yatharth’, had to be admitted to IGIMS, Patna after being ill for several days. After confirmation of blot clot (which occurred due to slow continuous blood flow after an injury a couple of years back) in the right side of brain, his operation was completed successfully on 10th April 2022 and he was discharged on 16th April.

In the beginning, we were overwhelmed by the fast worsening conditions and were not in the position to focus on anything other than the treatment itself. At that time, Com Nand Kishore Singh (CPI-ML) took a self-initiated initiative of informing the communist movement and other democratic organisations and issued an appeal for help. As soon as the information was received, help poured in from all across the Movement. It is to be noted that no individual phone call were made by him; the response was solely based on the general appeal. Apart from this, close sympathisers of the party also stood with us, solid as a rock, at every step and continued to contribute financially as well as physically.

During the process of the treatment itself, when a sufficient amount in proportion to the cost was received, we decided to halt the process of incoming contribution and informed our sympathisers and well-wishers of the revolutionary movement, accordingly. We were confident, and rightly so, that the Communist Revolutionary Movement and other democratic organisations and individuals would not back down in our help if needed, although thankfully it never came to that. Com Ajay Sinha’s condition is now better than before and he is in the process of speedy recovery. We expect to see him in the field shortly, playing his part in the fight for the liberation of the working class.

We would like to express our gratitude towards all those who stood by us in this difficult time and selflessly provided us financial, physical and moral support and without whom it would’ve been near impossible to come out of such a precarious situation. We would like to especially thank com Nand Kishore Singh, who took upon himself to inform the revolutionary movement and issue an appeal for help at a time when it was utmost necessary. Some of such comrades are listed below whose help came through the appeal –

  1. Nand Kishore Singh (CPI-ML)
  2. Kunal (CPI-ML Liberation)
  3. Sumit Roy
  4. Birendra Kumar
  5. R N Jha
  6. K N Rai
  7. Akhileshwar Prasad
  8. Akhilesh Suman
  9. Pushpendra Kumar Singh (TISS, Patna)
  10. Manoj Kumar Sinha
  11. Ramkavinder Singh
  12. Vijay Kumar Choudhary
  13. C A Priyadarshi
  14. Nageshwar Prasad
  15. Nirman va Asangathit Shramik Union (Aditya Kamal)
  16. Vivek (Bigul Mazdoor Dasta)
  17. Akhilesh
  18. Kamalkant Kuila

Proletarian Reorganizing Committee, Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist)

26th May 2022