Unite & Fight ‘Bulldozer Regime’

May 31, 2022 0 By Yatharth

S V Singh


May 14; ‘Red meat’ is ‘recovered’ opposite Idgah in Ratlam, MP. May 15; Hindu Jagran Manch, VHP and Bajrang Dal activists declare that it is cow meat. They take to the street and block the traffic at Topkhana roundabout. SDM and SP rush there. SP, Abhishek Tiwari declares instantly, “prima facie, the recovered material is 100 % beef”. SDM agrees. Police arrests Mubarak Qureshi and Asif Qureshi and registers FIR. Bulldozer is called and the ‘illegal’ houses of both the arrested persons are razed to the ground, the same day.  Asked by media whether meat will be sent to test lab, Tiwari replied, “all formalities will be completed”. In case anyone wants definition of ‘Bulldozer Regime’, here it is.

Government bulldozers move very fast towards Muslim-majority labor settlements.  Present round began in Jahangir puri, bulldozers of power continue to wreck a havoc in Delhi. Saturday, 16 April, on the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti, first two ‘shobhayatras’ failed to cause riot in Jahangir puri, so the third one was taken out. Attempt was successful this time, violence broke out. Delhi Police Commissioner acknowledged in public that there was no police permission for the third ‘shobhayatra’ but that’s immaterial to the organizers who don’t take permission but they give, these days! Provocative, vulgarly abusive sloganeering, mocking, obscene gestures, dog whistles by the Hanuman bhakts armed with guns, swords, trishuls, sticks, baseball bats; it was a trade mark procession. Profile of the ‘bhakts’ was the same; led by saffron clad ‘saints’, screaming poor laborers, aimless unemployed youth, minor children, waving arms, mouthing filthiest of abuses to the Muslims. Everything remains same, only the place changes. Even with such provocations, in the first two processions, there was no stone pelting from anywhere, nor was there any protest-obstruction from the targeted minority community. The third ‘Shobha Yatra’, in a desperate attempt, stopped just in front of the Jama Masjid in Block C and remained halted till it rained stones. As if waiting for the stones to come from somewhere to commence further ‘necessary action’!! Stones allegedly started pouring in from the direction of the mosque and mayhem ensued. Hundreds of worker hutments, shops were burnt, several dozen injured. No one, fortunately, died. One thing deserves underlining. Police remained present throughout the procession but did not even ask the organizers, why this illegal, armed procession? What for the police was there, only they can answer!! One policeman allegedly received gun injury. Police arrested 23 people immediately and several others after that and, unsurprisingly, most of them are daily wage workers, scrap pickers, mobile mechanics Muslims. None of the organizers of this Nuremberg-type Nazi parade is even named in FIR. Even before the first visuals of the violence ended, as usually, the screaming TV anchors came to know from their ‘divine knowledge’ that the ‘mastermind’ of the violence was Mohammad Ansar. The same news strips, then, began running on every channel endlessly.

Flames of violence were not even doused completely that on 20th April, next nasty phase of this familiar fascist project began. MCD is, uninterruptedly, ruled by the BJP since last 15 years. Mayor of North Delhi ‘suddenly’ remembered on 19 April that this was the time to launch a demolition campaign and the most suitable place for it is the same mosque in C block, Jahangir puri, where violence had erupted. That was the time when those who were beaten by police and whose houses, shops, kiosks were razed were terrified as no one knew who is going to be arrested next. The ‘encroachment’ demolition campaign was on the scale that two companies of police, armed force and 7 bulldozers were mobilized. Delhi Police works under central government. Even if it was under Delhi government, that would not have made any difference as the Kejriwal’s ‘honest’ government played no less disgusting and shameful role than the fascist BJP.  ‘Hanuman hysteria’ in Delhi, in a diabolical way is deepened by the AAP only and they stand guilty for laying the blame of this violence on the Rohingyas and Bangladeshis in the most irresponsible manner. AAP, in fact, legitimized the fascist agenda of Modi government and Sangh Parivar. Needless to mention that no notice was served on the alleged encroachers before launching this bulldozer assault. The AG, during court hearing on April 21, acknowledged that it was merely debris disposal campaign. This, obviously, means that it was a part of the same ‘national program’ to terrorize Muslims and deepen Hindu-Muslim divide. ‘Do you need a bulldozer to remove the debris?’. This unexpected question from the SC left the AG red faced. This whole modus operandi has become so obvious that several reputed pro-people SC lawyers were inside the chamber of the CJI to stop the brazen lawlessness exactly when bulldozers were wrecking a havoc in Jahangir puri. They succeeded in convincing the CJI that the destitute poor people and the constitution needed to be saved urgently from the brute state terror. CJI ordered at 10.45 am that the demolition proceedings should stop forth with and no ‘encroachment’ should be removed there till our further orders. This news got viral as everyone was glued to social media to witness the sordid spectacle at Jahangir puri, live. Good number of left and communist leaders/ activists were on the spot with the orders of the country’s highest court. North Delhi Mayor Raja Iqbal Singh also came to know as he himself tweeted at 11 am that the Supreme Court order would be complied with.

Union Government And MCD Have Willingly Insulted Supreme Court

What happened and continue to happen after the order of the SC is unprecedented. It is happening for quite some time but not with such brazenness. BJP’s ‘nationalist’ mayor did not care to stop bulldozers even after SC orders. Bulldozers continued knocking down not only the kiosks, tapris, shaties but also the ‘illegal’ exterior portion and gate of the Jama Masjid as usually. April was the Ramzan month. Local citizens, Hindus and Muslims led by communist leaders dared to stand in front of bulldozers fearlessly, waiving the SC order in hand. Bulldozers had to be stopped physically after 12 o’clock. No party including the AAP which shed crocodile tears for the people of Delhi, reached near the bulldozers wreaking havoc in Jahangir Puri. Had the people not stood firm risking their lives to block bulldozers on April 20, the fascist BJP could have achieved their target irrespective of the SC orders. This was the reason behind hiring 7 bulldozers. It’s happening everywhere. In Haryana for example, labor settlements Khori Basti, Sanjay Colony, Jamai Basti and so many hutments are razed to ground but all farm houses, schools, colleges, universities, ashrams, temples, gurukuls, akharas, etc. built on the Aravallis are intact and buzzing with activities. UP government is the pioneer of bulldozer regime fascist project, everybody knows.

Anticipating that the SC may view this bulldozing onslaught seriously, the ‘core group’ of BJP huddled at North Block office of the Minister of Home Affairs. The outcome of this meeting as shared by one Delhi BJP leader with Indian Express is the most serious aspect of this bulldozer fascist project;  “It was decided at the top level with Central leaders part of the decision. The Delhi leadership was also demanding it, but it came from the top. Whether on social media or on the ground or in the Sangh, the leadership in Delhi wants the Yogi (Adityanath) model… you also know that for such action to be undertaken and for police and bureaucrats to be convinced, it can’t be done at the state level.” 

It appeared as if the SC is taking this matter seriously but how serious that ‘seriousness’ was, is before everyone to see. After Jahangir Puri, as if mocking and ridiculing the SC order, more bulldozers are rolling in one colony after another and are wrecking mayhem in Delhi, maiming people in Jamia, Shaheen Bagh (center of anti- CAA movement), New Friends Colony, Shahdara, Nazafgarh, Rohini, Lodi Road. At Madanpur Khadar where AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan was arrested for protesting the drive. A catastrophe is waiting to happen in Delhi in case the bulldozers keep razing with same recklessness and callousness. As per BJP script shops and homes of over 63 lakh Delhiites are set to be bulldozed!!

‘Bulldozer Terror’ Is A Tool To Deepen Fascist Project

Mass movement against the anti-citizenship laws was a glorious chapter in our history. The most pleasantly surprising aspect of this movement was that it was led superbly by Muslim women. It was spreading across the country and was cementing Hindu-Muslim bond. Modi government in its regime so far has been frightened by only two movements; Anti-Citizenship Movement and Farmers Movement. She bowed down before farmers movement as a strategic retreat although not deviated from its path to hand over vast and vital agriculture sector to the corporate. The movement against CAA/NRC was on the other hand crushed by repression as it was led by the minority community. Many innocent youths associated with this movement are still languishing in jail. Bulldozer terror is the culmination of that repression. UP which has ‘grown’ into a new laboratory of radical Hindutva, used bulldozer as tool to terrorize those who had participated in the anti-CAA movement. A convenient mean was found out to circumvent law of the land targeting the entire Muslim community. Police was made Munsif. As it is, the much- touted democratic institutions are caving in like a pack of cards. Hundreds of daily wage workers, rickshaw pullers were not only imprisoned but were served notices for compensation of lakhs of government property damages. Their houses began to be demolished and the giant bulldozer with its monstrous looks matched with self-proclaimed machoman image of the CM in Lucknow and PM in Delhi. It became a new and ‘popular’ tool of oppression. SC intervened and quashed the recovery notices issued to 274 people by the ADM!! ‘You can’t do this under existing law’ commented SC. Message was taken in the ‘proper’ spirit by the UP government. It lost no time in enacting the The Uttar Pradesh Recovery of Damages to Public and Private Property Ordinance, 2020’ and went on its way. The intervention of the SC proved to be a mere ritual. Size and design of the bulldozer matches the built- up macho-man image of the rulers. Hence it was popularized as a new means of delivering instant justice which perfectly suited the fascist requirement. Within no time bulldozer became BJP’s undeclared election symbol in UP. Bulldozers were parked at a prominent pedestal in every election meeting. Money is no bar for BJP in any election courtesy the Adani-Ambanis of the land. The radio advertisement that went viral and topped popularity chart which could be heard every five minutes on every FM radio channel was; ‘Now the bulldozer will not stop, Yogi ji’s tea is very bitter’. Yogi Adityanath became ‘Bulldozer Baba’. In UP elections where BJP leaders were scared to go to the countryside for campaigning, crowds were brought in government buses to the meetings and people were thronging the opposition rallies, BJP won with a thumping majority. The clumsy but monstrous bulldozer has now become a hero. Bulldozers, then, rolled over the properties of those who jumped from the BJP’s the then sinking ship!!

After spectacular success of ‘Bulldozer Baba’ in UP, the CM of MP morphed himself into ‘Bulldozer Mama’. The equation got further finessed. First a procession with extremely provocative, abusive sloganeering, gestures, dog whistles, to be halted opposite a Masjid followed by horrific venomous speeches continuing till the patience of the minority community gives in and riot is caused. Second, naming a minority youth as mastermind and let loose anchors, the paid servants jumping in TV studios and riding on the bulldozers, then, arrest mostly the Muslim people. The last scene of the script is the celebrated entry of the bulldozer destroying the property and maiming the people coming in its’ way ‘delivering instant justice’. Whoever the policeman says, is guilty. Remedy is to bulldoze house/ shop of the ‘guilty’!! This is exactly what happened in Khargone. Arrested Muslim youths, there, include workers who were already in jail and a worker who had both his arms amputated, who cannot throw stones even if he wishes!! ‘Bulldozers will continue to be sent to the homes of rioters in future also’, boasted MP Home Minister in front of camera. The days when the SC used to take suo moto cognizance of such barbaric utterances is left long behind. Every BJP leader, these days, knows that their capability to use bulldozer more menacingly than the other is their most valuable credential for promotion, will definitely be rewarded. After Khargone, the MP CM who was rumored to be on his way out received accolades from none other than Union Home Minister. He is now oozing with confidence of victory in coming assembly elections. ‘Bulldozer Mama’ has another feat to his credit. He has passed the more draconian Madhya Pradesh Recovery of Damages to Public and Private Property Bill, 2021’ in April than passed by the ‘Bulldozer Baba’ in UP!!

Audacity to cripple law of the land with impunity of not only the political executioners is at an all- time high but that of the bureaucrats is also matching their bosses. In Seoni District of MP, Bajrang Dal goons killed two persons alleging that they possessed cow meat in their huts. It was revealed later on that the murdered persons were Hindu tribals and not Muslims. Had they been Muslims then not only the murderers would have gone scot-free but the FIRs would have been registered against the murdered!! Baffled ‘Hindutva goons and their masters’, then, went on the damage control exercise and some startling revelations of this blood-soaked nasty exercise got unearthed which should be seriously noted by the law enforcing agencies and the judiciary who are constitutionally duty bound to uphold rule of law in this so called ‘biggest democracy of the world’. Devender Sain, Zila Sahyojak of the Bajrang Dal’s Seoni unit says: “The men who are accused of being members of our unit handed over the two men to police. We coordinate with police on every cow protection raid giving them crucial tip-offs. Those two men should not have died. We are sorry about that.”  Kurai Police Station in-charge Ganpat Singh Uike corroborates, “We are short of 15 men… We do depend on tip-offs from vigilante outfits and coordinate with them.”    

Elections in Gujarat also are due this year. Bulldozers are roaring there as well. Riots broke out in the ‘Shobhayatra’ of Ram Navami in the seaside town of Khambhat in Anand district, in which one person died. Anand district administration sent bulldozers to remove the ‘encroachment’ on Friday 15 April in Sakarpura, a Muslim-dominated township of Khambhat. This is the month of Ramzan and the day chosen was Friday, hence the riots erupted instantly. This eased the labor required to cause a riot!! Bulldozers are busy in Jharkhand, Karnataka, Himachal, West Bengal, and Bihar.

Bulldozer Terror Raises Serious Questions

Why do processions, shobhayatras on festivals take place only in labor settlements like Jahangirpuri, Trilokpuri, Seemapuri etc.? Why not in swanky colonies where ‘big people’ live, like Defense Colony, Jorbagh, Greater Kailash or Lutyens’ Delhi with huge bungalows where the ‘champions of Hindutva and controllers of Hindutva brigade’ themselves reside? Why the progenies of these Hindutva champions go to the best universities in US to study law and not to the Bajrang Dal shakhas to learn how to break law? The people of Jahangirpuri are saying that none of the youths waving arms in the processions were local. Where is this infantry of the fascist brigade getting ready, from where is it brought, who brings it, who bears their expenses? Common man is crushed under the mountain of unprecedented unemployment and price rise, 80% of them are, obviously, Hindus. Why these shrieking, fire and venom spewing, saffron attired ‘saints’ never open their mouth on the issues of employment and price rise of their ‘own’ people? Riots cause havoc, death and destruction all around for the poor but do the accruals of the dominating ruling class, monopoly corporate financial capital sharks get affected adversely, in any way? There is a mega sale of the PSUs going on all the times. Is there any need to keep an eye on the big financial transactions happening during riot time? What is the root cause of the encroachments and mushrooming of ‘illegal’ jhuggis of workers all around in every city? Can the workers earning way below the minimum wage ever have a ‘legal’ house worth living a human being in any city? Do the workers have no right to have a roof on their head? Sprawling bungalows spread in acres, that too several in number are, invariably, built over frauds, bank scams, bad debts. Why do bulldozers never move towards their direction? Why should two persons and two dogs live in a space equivalent to where thousands of hard- working people are condemned to survive like insects? Khori basti is razed to the ground in a week but why the same bulldozers were not put to use against palace like properties and swanky Ashrams and akhadas built on the same Aravallis? Why is there so much hatred towards the Muslim community in our society?

Everybody, today, knows including the victims that riots do not erupt spontaneously. Riots are organized with a distinct purpose and a plan. As this fact is trickling down into the vast mass of poor and destitute people, task of engineering riots is getting more and more difficult for the perpetrators. Common people particularly the minority community deserves to be congratulated that even after maximum provocations Hindus and Muslims are refusing to fight with each other. This fact was proved emphatically by the residents of Jahangir Puri itself by organizing, on their own, a massive unity rally ‘Tiranga Yatra (the tricolor rally) just after 3 days of the riot on April 24. Thousands of the local people professing different faiths participated in the rally enthusiastically and those who could not participate, stood outside their houses, in balconies and on the roof of their houses, clapped and showered flower petals on the rally. No political party had organized this rally, requires to be underlined. Could these people who are living together since ages, depend upon each other as a matter of routine cut each other’s throat? In every riot the ‘outside’ trained rioters, the foot soldiers of fascist project are to be imported and they are to be sent back after the ‘task’ is over. Where is and who is financing the factory producing rioters? Who is running this whole bloody project and why? As we think deeply to find answers to these grave questions, the famous lines written by renowned scholar Rajani Palme Dutt in his brilliant work ‘Fascism and Social Revolution’ flash in our mind.“Behind the ranting megalomaniacs, bullies, drug fiends and broken-down bohemians who constitute the outer facade of Fascism, the business heads of finance capital who pay the costs and pull the strings are perfectly cool, clear and intelligent. And it is with the real system of Fascism in this sense, rather than with the imaginary ideology created to gull the innocent, that we are here concerned. The second, the professed fantastic ideology, is only of importance in relation to the first, the real working system for the maintenance of capitalism in conditions of extreme crisis and weakening.”  

Bulldozers appeared on the scene out of frustration of the ruling party as the ‘normal’ methods of causing riots were thwarted by the targeted masses. Why does the ruling dispensation need to divide the people so desperately? This helps BJP to win the elections but that is not the only reason. The answer to this fundamental question is that they can’t address the basic issues of unemployment and price rise, they can’t create enough market for the commodities to be sold, they can’t revive the economy. This is what is known as the systemic crisis. The pauperization of masses has reached a level when the consumption of even the vegetable and fruits is halved, leave alone the luxury items. Consistent decay in capitalism is driving the government, the management committee of the ruling class to dump the façade of democracy and resort to the naked terror to shut the crying mouths of hungry and destitute masses. Bulldozer presents itself as a handy tool of terror to scare minority community to submission. Government admits that 80 crore people of the country don’t have purchasing power to buy even the bare food grains to survive and this segment is swelling every day. Warehouses are full. Financial capital is thriving on speculation anyway. ‘Diwali Sale’ of government accounts is on. Selling targets of the PSUs are not achieved. Monopoly capitalist sharks have formed cartels and are buying the valuable PSUs built by tax collected from the people for a pittance and fattening themselves as never before.

It is extremely painful but undeniable fact that there is a terrible hatred towards Muslims in a considerable section of the ‘Hindu’ society. Right from the days of our freedom movement, this hatred is perpetuated by all the parties ruled our country so far. There was no attempt made whatsoever to root out the feudal culture, decadent, mythical views on all matters of life and to inculcate scientific attitude among masses. The obscurantist ideas are perpetuated by all the governments and the present dispensation is desperate to criminalize scientific attitude, rational thinking and objective analysis of history as per needs of the half-dead, terminal crisis ridden capitalist-monopoly imperialist system. The Sachar Committee report in 2006 exposed the pathetic state that the Muslim community is living. Muslim community is at the very bottom of society in matter of literacy and opportunities to secure government jobs. Entire Muslim community is subjected to painful discrimination and religious taunts every day, everywhere. Their integrity to the nation is questioned and they are painted as terrorists and are required to give proof of their patriotism whenever asked and it is being done by the thugs themselves. The share in government jobs of the Muslim community, which accounts for 15.5% of the population, is as follows; higher government jobs 2.5%, small jobs 4.6%, army 1%. Sachar Committee had, rightly, suggested that since the Muslim society is more backward than even the Dalits, a ‘National Equality Commission’ should be constituted to bring them at par in social, economic and education fields. The ‘National Commission for Minorities’, unfortunately, mostly remains confined to religious issues, Haj etc. What we are witnessing today is exactly opposite. Denial of ticket to a Muslim in an election is sold as achievement and proof of patriotism. Muslim society today is the victim of very painful discrimination and additional exploitation. Now another economic dimension has also been added to their suffocation. Since the Muslims have least opportunities to get permanent government jobs, their share in petty self-employed work, artisans, workmanship, masonry etc is comparatively higher. Nowadays, when instead of getting job, workers are getting retrenched, sometimes by getting some lump sum money and in the some without any. In such a situation, when these workers think of doing small business, petty professional jobs then they find that the Muslim community person is well entrenched there and is far more skillful. This reality deepens the hatred already filled in their heart. It, consequently, gets easier for the resourceful vested interests to convert such worker as blood thirsty foot soldier of fascists. After the painful and insane partition in 1947, most of the Muslims had decided not to leave this country which was a very just and bold decision. This tragic historical condition implied some additional responsibility on the shoulders of the progressive section of non-Muslim community to provide them comfort and warmth which, unfortunately, remained unfulfilled. Muslim society is showing amazing patience in spite of consistently rising provocations. Even a few Mulla-type leaders who used to indulge in loose talk about revenge in the past, are completely silent. Nothing could be more heartening than this. The right course to address this issue is, to unleash strong tide of mass movement on the real issues of life of the people. The clarion call today is to isolate the fanatic religious section among all faiths but more so in the Hindus and unite all well-meaning, peace-loving progressive masses who are still in huge majority. Those who are counted among Hindus have to muster courage to stop Hindutva goons from dictating terms on behalf of the whole community. Standing on the divider and witnessing our unity and solidarity on fire is an unforgivable social crime today.

Only The Steely Unity Of The Working Class Can Block Fascist Bulldozers

Hardcore Hindutva fascist groups are on rampage. They are in the same aggressive stance as the Nazis were in Germany in the 1930s. Economic condition is also almost matching those ‘great depression’ days. Inflation is above 15%, youth have stopped looking for job, hopelessness is overwhelming and the country is going, slowly but certainly, the Sri Lankan way. Modi government understands the gravity of the situation and in order to somehow keep the sinking ship afloat they have reduced whopping tax that it has been collecting over petroleum products from the hungry and destitute people. Government which was shamelessly saying so far, how can we reduce tax on petrol, diesel, gas when we are providing free vaccination to all; has in a knee jerk reaction to the simmering crisis on May 21, decided to reduce duty levied on petroleum products quite substantially. Modi government has stopped pretending to provide jobs or keep the prices of essential commodities in check. It has given up talking on all these basic issues. It can’t do anything, it knows. The decay in the capitalist system is paramount, crisis is insurmountable. Pretensions of appearance of green shoots in the economy have withered away. Prices of even the basic commodities like wheat are galloping. Sale of even vegetables and fruits is halved. Serious question marks are there on the availability of even wheat in coming season. PDS is languishing, may get abandoned altogether. The bubble of ‘throbbing economy’ may burst any time. There are, however, some spectacular differences also between Germany of 1930s and India of 2020s that should not be lost sight of. First; brazenness and crudeness of the methodology adopted by the fascist forces have revealed their true color to everyone. Engineering riots is getting impossible. Second; anger is simmering in the masses against these Hindutva champions within their ‘own’ community also, they may not be aware of. People are coming out on roads unitedly. Massive Tiranga rally in Jahangir puri frustrated the toxic hate mongers and the most dangerous bulldozer mission in Jamia and Shaheen Bagh was thwarted by the people without getting provoked and no major harm could be done to the social unity. In Seoni, MP, there was unprecedented strong rally in which tribals were breathing fire against ‘cow bhakt’ goons. People are uniting against fascists in Karnataka. Third; the ‘otherization’ process of Muslims like Jews in Germany is not happening in spite of the best efforts by the saffron brigade. That frustration is driving them to make bizarre demands of surveys of mosques, claims over medieval heritage structures. As there remains no disguise, people are debating and questioning openly the SC ruling of May 19 with regards to Gyanvyapi mosque ‘controversy’ raked as a desperate attempt to build Ram Janmbhoomi type mega divisive project that led to demolition of Babri Masjid and bloody riots that followed. Instead of scrapping the frivolous petition being in violation of the ‘Places of Worship (Special Provisions) Act, 1991’ that states clearly that possession and ownership of any religious structure as stands on 1947 should not be altered, and rebuking the petitioner for sowing seeds of hatred, SC provided legitimacy to the claim of the fascists by directing the concerned District court to hear the petition on priority. Petitioners wanted this only that case should linger on and peak towards the end of next year end so that maximum dividends could be reaped in 2024 critical Lok Sabha elections. Similar petitions for survey of Mosques at Mathura are treading the same course. It appears as if the time clock is pushed 1000 years back!! In spite of the fact that dark clouds of fascism are getting thicker and frightening, fanatic religious intoxication is eroding sane thinking in society as never before. But for blowing this cancer fully requires ‘otherization’ of one section of society and that is not happening and cannot happen. Some disguise is required to drive the whole society insane and create jingoistic ultra-nationalist hysteria but and that is not there. Crudeness and meanness of the rioters is transparent. They now do not conceal even the arms training that the Bajrang Dal cadre is undergoing in Karnataka. On the other hand, not a single irresponsible statement is heard from any of the loose cannons within the minority community. Everything is not yet lost. Salute to the maturity displayed by the targeted minority community. These facts augur hope. But is it sufficient to defeat and crush the danger of fascism? The answer is ‘no’.

Decay of capitalism is deepening but it still is capable to rich a handful and they will not allow it to die on its own. There is no dearth of mandir-masjids in our country. Reactionary fascist forces will never run out of divisive issues. Need of the hour is to organize working class, the political leader of our times and rally entire peasant community and the diminishing but still sizable middle class around it and launch mass movements on the twin issues of unemployment and price rise. Besides this, isolation of the fascist forces has become vital to continue to breathe and save our social fabric from going to shreds. Majority of the majority community, thankfully, still do not subscribe to what is being dished out as ‘Hindutva’. They have a major role to play today to distance themselves explicitly from these extremists and rally with the targeted minority community and let the whole world know who is the real ‘tukde-tukde gang’. Once isolated, it will be easy to confront these hate-mongers. Any innovative ploy dished out by the R&D division of the fascist forces to divide and paint entire Muslim community as enemy, requires to be rubbished by the sane section of majority community only as the whole system has tilted heavily against the minority community. Courts too are caving in. Atmosphere is being created that they even don’t cry. The spectacular spectacle of a brave lady standing firm in front of the marauding bulldozer waiving court order in her hand and a sea of masses cheering her up, refuses to fade from the psyche!! That has to be repeated every time the foot soldiers of fascists are on a rampage. Once working class is united and the reactionary fascist forces are isolated, cornered and rendered harmless, working masses will themselves decide which new society they want to build.