War Hungry Oligarchs Thrive On Death & Destruction

May 31, 2022 0 By Yatharth

S V Singh

(March 2022): “The goal is to maximize pressure on Putin. These individuals have enriched themselves at the expense of the Russian people. We will continue to work with our allies and partners to hold accountable the Russians and corrupt leaders who are profiting from this violent regime.” These great thoughts, it appears, belong to a great man, a champion of world peace, an anti-war crusader, a lover of human happiness!! Shamelessness, thy name is bourgeois politics!! See the intensity of irony, this statement is by US President Joe-Biden, who gets restless if there is no war anywhere in the world even for a month. The most ruthless and no 1 war monger of the world, sets out in any direction with warships loaded with ferocious weaponry. One who has ‘appointed’ itself policeman of the world. There needs not be any crime of the victim country. It comes in the way of unsatiable imperialist greed is enough for lethal carpet bombardment. It’s war stories, if narrated will become an epic. In August 1945 when Fascist Axis had accepted defeat in World War II, America tested the destructive prowess of its atom bomb arsenal over two metropolises of Japan. Bustling cities turned into ashes. Poor, innocent and hard-working people of Vietnam were subjected to unspeakable atrocities by lethal chemical weapons. It’s deadly intelligence agency, CIA has ruthlessly massacred millions of people in almost all Latin American countries simply because they did not choose government subservient to American interests. Siege on Cuba continues to this day. America’s resourceful factory of lies worked overtime, day and night and made entire world believe the blatant falsehood that Saddam Hussain, indeed, possesses weapons of mass destruction and its mercenary war machine bombarded Iraq to stone age, quite literally. Al Qaeda, Islamic State and Osama Bin Laden were created by US and it flattened Afghanistan in the name of fighting ‘War on Terror’. Its ghastly record is endless. Libya, Syria, Iran, Palestine; US has invaded 84 out of the total 193 countries of the world. All inhuman, fundamentalist, bloody dictatorial regimes of the world are supported, protected and armed till teeth by America.  Crushing the core spirit of the United Nations under its feet and turning the Security Council into a tool of repression, it is America’s daily business to force any country to capitulate and submit to its nefarious design by imposing brutal economic sanctions against it. At a time when there was worldwide revolutionary tide against capitalist-imperialist exploitative state powers, America appointed itself savior of ‘democracy’, rallied imperialist west European robber nations behind it and formed NATO to ‘save democracies from communism’. US succeeded in scaring NATO nations to have American army stationed permanently in almost all these countries for all times to come. It was America only that fueled Korean War and when people turned against it, Korea was divided and turned South Korea into its client state and deployed US army permanently over there. 

Russia’s brutal attack on Ukraine on 24 February on the excuse of ‘disarming de-Nazifying Ukraine’ is, undoubtedly, an imperialist war. It needs to be condemned and opposed by all, there can’t be two opinions on that. Revolutionary Worker’s Front of Russia is, heroically, organizing mass protests in all the cities of Russian Federation in spite of brutal state repression. That is significantly commendable, keeping in view the class character of present Russian rulers. Peace loving people of the world have solidarity with these protesting workers. This much will, however, not suffice. Making of this war requires to be investigated deeply, else our vision will be blurred by the information war unleased not only by the mighty US media but also by the monstrous five US giant corporates; Google, Facebook-Meta, Twitter, Apple and Microsoft. All the bloody players involved in war-barbarism have to be identified and bared.

A glorious era of worker’s state, USSR, established by the unfathomable sacrifices of Russian workers and peasants had collapsed within just two years of Stalin’s death. The counter revolution process to dismantle socialism systematically and establish bourgeois rule began by renegade and liar Khrushchev continued unabated since then. Natural culmination of that suffocating process was restoration of the grind mills of capitalist exploitation just like in the ‘democratic’ western world. The Russian oligarch gutter is even more stinking than the American imperialist finance capital drain as their emergence is far more disgusting and treacherous than the later one. Name of the defense minister and chief of the Russian army that is causing havoc in Ukraine today is Sergey Shoigu. Sergey Shoigu’s father’s name is Koijuget Shoigu, who became a member of the Soviet ‘Communist’ party in the 1960s, along with the then darling of American robbers, Boris Yeltsin, Russian President Vladimir Putin, a former KGB officer. After 1991, when Yeltsin dismissed Russian parliament and faced fierce opposition, the same Shoigu supported him with his personal punk army ‘Russian Rescue Corps’ and became Yeltsin’s most confidant. ‘Socialism has failed’, Western media went berserk with epileptic attacks!! As soon as the sanity returned and Russians, who had no experience of life under capitalism, began to ask for employment and social security, the fraud of drunkard and lumpen Yeltsin got exposed. Russian money-beasts threw Yeltsin away and put their money on a brand new ‘horse’ Putin. Shoigu sided with Putin as he had meanwhile formed his ‘Unity Party’ in 1999, replacing his gang, ‘Russian Rescue Corps.’ Putin has “elected” himself as the president for life, and Shoigu is naturally his most trusted minister. His main job is to find customers of arms around the world and strike a ‘deal’ to sell the massive stockpile of Russian fire power. India is Russia’s biggest customer of arms as purchase order and corruption both are big ticket here. Commission in defense purchase is a tradition here. Defense budget is huge and so is commission!! Shoigu is looking the current deal to sell S-400 missile to India.

Nothing Is More Disgusting Than A Degenerated Communist Party

Nikita Khrushchev, the renegade and liar was ousted in 1964, but by then he had accomplished counter revolution. CPSU, built by unspeakable sacrifices, sweats and blood of the toiling masses of Russia and led by the great leaders and teachers such as Lenin and Stalin had been converted into a social imperialist-capitalist-fascist party but the wrapper remained communist to hoodwink the working class. This is the worst proposition that could happen to any worker’s state. USSR, which, heroically defeated the aggressive siege of bloody imperialist powers from around the world decisively, carried socialist revolution uncompromisingly and successfully to each and every corner of the vast state beginning from the cities eliminating the capitalist kulaks and defeated the ferocious Nazi bloody war machinery and saved the humanity from the dark and bloody alley of fascism, lost to the traitors within. The CPSU had by now degenerated irretrievably into a rotten bourgeois party and nothing stinks more disgusting than a degenerated, fallen Communist Party. There is no limit to its stoop. The sooner the workers destroy it, the better. Shell of bourgeois democracy is still left in the western countries. No person can ‘elect’ oneself as a lifelong president as in Russia and China. Workers of Russia who never fell short of expectations, missed here. The forte built by the sweat and blood of the working class collapsed, that dream got shattered, the beautiful world sans exploitation got lost. Even more tragic and painful is the story of counter revolution in China. The historical task of objective, scientific analysis of the causes of this historical collapse and counter revolution without even a shot being fired, requires to be accomplished by the communist movement to save future revolutions from such traitors and renegades.

This entire breed of traitors and thugs ruling Russia today are remnants of the defeated and vanquished capitalist-kulak class. They became members of the ‘Communist’ party clandestinely during long tenure of Brezhnev because it was impossible to hide unhindered, brazen loot of social resources, production and productive forces so quickly without that. Mikhail Gorbachev, Boris Yeltsin, Russia’s ‘lifetime’ President Vladimir Putin, his secretary Dmitry Pskov, Defense Minister Shargeye Shoigu, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, executive head Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chief Viktor Zubkov and this entire fascist thug gang are the progenies of the same rotten Communist Party. The ranking of Russian war hungry oligarchs in the list of the top 100 of the world is like this; Vladimir Potanin (62), Andrey Melnichenko (66), Leonid Mickelson (74), Alexei Mordashov (81), Vladimir Lisin (85), Alisher Usmanov (95).

War Hungry Oligarchs Are Behind Every War

The list of the world’s largest monstrous money-shark oligarchs is here. These are the very people whom any calamity in general, and war in particular make rich and this is, exactly, the reason of wars. This tribe thrives on death and destruction of masses. These are the biggest enemies of humanity. They do not belong to any country because their capital has transgressed national boundaries yet from the technical point of the country whose passport they hold, they are the de facto rulers. Governments comply to their command. There is, however, a fatal problem of this class. They may appear united for maximizing plunder of labor but their mutual conflicts and contradictions never disappear. They climb up the ladder and become fat only by placing their feet on each other’s neck and devouring smaller fish. Their fratricidal war in the form of ever sharpening competition always goes on unhindered. Sometimes, however, it gets so intense and sharp that it gets unmanageable. They, then, call their ‘own’ governments to declare that ‘nation is in danger’ and mount attack on their business adversary with full might of tanks-cannons-supersonic missiles. Their subservient governments comply faithfully, squeaking; ‘get out of our way or else I’ll blow up the whole world with an atom bomb. Don’t you know how much fire- power I possess!!’ “War is a continuation of policy by other means”, how accurate is the comment by Prussian military genius Carl von Clausewitz as quoted by Lenin in his legendary thesis on imperialism. This provides a very correct and accurate understanding of the reasons of war. Even if the smoke is not visible, blasts of shells may not be heard, screams of burning people may not be heard but the war among the imperialist robbers continues during ‘peacetime’ as well. Loot can’t be accomplished peacefully. Exploitation isn’t possible without repression and repression always invites resistance. If one’s existence is linked to the ruin of the other, today’s blue chip company is to turn to trash tomorrow, then this antagonistic contradiction refuses to be resolved by singing songs of love and compassion. This fire is deadly.

America’s ‘Democrat’ President Biden is a seasoned player of imperialist politics. He is a veteran in the service of the American corporate sharks. His statement with which this article commenced needs to be examined very carefully. ‘Our goal is to maximize the pressure on Putin’, means that if the interests of financial oligarchs are harmed, the pressure on their subservient governments is maximized. He knows this from his own experience. Grabbing petrol wealth of Iraq was in the interest of American corporate that was why a false and concocted narrative of ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ was created and propagated round the clock by courtier media shamelessly and barbaric attack was launched upon Iraq and the whole nation was devastated. On the other hand, when the war on Islamic Terror’ in Afghanistan was no more in their interest as there was no one to pay for it, it was abandoned and ‘mighty’ America fled Afghanistan shamelessly, handing over the state power to the same ‘Islamic terrorists’!! If the word ‘Russian’ is removed from the phrase ‘These individuals have enriched themselves at the expense of the Russian people’, then this jumla becomes an absolute truth. You are right, Mr. Biden. All these parasites irrespective of the country whose passport they hold, have become rich only by plundering the labor of the workers. One day this robbery is sure to be accounted for and that day is not far away, you too know this. You don’t have the guts to speak the whole truth, but don’t worry, workers know everything. We will continue to work with our allies and partners to hold accountable the Russians and corrupt leaders who are profiting from this violent regime. Biden has hit the nail right on its head. This is the real reason for this war, and any imperialist war. What America has all along been doing, Russia under Putin is doing exactly the same. That’s why supersonic missiles are raining upon hapless people of Ukraine and America is watching the sordid spectacle sitting far away. Not only this, US is repeatedly exhorting, ‘Ukrainian people will fight the Russian army till their end’!! America is worried, this war may not end soon. Ukraine’s vast gas and oil reserves are not gulped by Russian oligarchs alone, American corporates too should get their share of the booty.

Who Built the Ukraine War Brick by Brick?

Look at the top 10 countries exporting warfare and it is obvious that America alone sells as many weapons as other 9 countries put together.

SN.Arm Exporting CountryValue of Arms in Billion TIV (Trend Indicator Value)
6.South Korea827

Arms trade is a nasty, notorious business and a lot of that including that with ‘terrorists’ is done stealthy. In that segment too America’s share is the largest. Apart from America, there are 6 NATO countries in this top ten list. Who benefits the most by wars? Who sows the seeds of war in this world? Who gets desperate when there is no war?  Share of war manufacturing corporates, Stinger missile maker Raytheon, Lockheed and BAE Systems have soared up to 26% after Ukraine war. Wars do not happen, these are created, built brick by brick.

How was the Ukraine war created? It can be traced back to Syria. After annihilating Iraq and Libya, America wanted to replace President Assad in Syria. Humbug of terrorism was created by US as usually with the help of frenzied media and bought out journalists. America has mastered that skill. The issue, however, got intricated to the shock and surprise of US hawks as Russia plunged into the war to take care of Russian brand of war oligarchs. US has, since then embarked on its nasty mission of expanding NATO to checkmate Russia. In 2008, Georgia was offered to join NATO. Russia intervened militarily but the full- blown war was averted. America took cautious steps to egg Ukraine, the largest neighboring country of Russia into its abominable antics. Russia saw through the ‘game’. Russian Naval Fleet was stationed in the Black Sea off ​​Crimea peninsula of Ukraine hence Russia captured it in 2014. A written agreement was, then, signed and America assured that NATO will not be expanded to the East. Since 1991 when Warsaw Pact got disintegrated after collapse of USSR, America has added 7 countries bordering Russia into NATO including Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia. War still did not break out. The nefarious efforts went on. US was eying the stoic Zelensky as a war material, hence it kept investing money on him knowing fully well that egging him on any further will trigger full blown war as Russia was breathing fire and it had declared 3 Ukrainian states in Donbas region as independent.

Why Was USA Hobnobbing With Neo Nazi ‘Azov Batallion’ Of Ukraine?

Systemic, terminal crisis of capitalism is driving every country to throw away the façade of democracy and take recourse to fascist measures to quell mounting mass anger against it, though degree of vulgarity differs. The whole world witnessed the ugly scene of Trump’s lumpen brigade storming Capitol Hill, ransack judge’s chambers upside down in US, the so- called Mecca of bourgeois democracy. Those lumpen thugs are still roaming free. Mr. Biden pretends as if he doesn’t know that this was a fascist manifestation. Similar ultra-national, lumpen stormtrooper gang in Ukraine encouraged by Zelensky organized themselves, first, as ‘Patriots of Ukraine’ and after defeat of Ukraine in Crimean War in 2014, they upgraded their fascist organization into ‘Social National Assembly’. This gang since then has developed into a full-fledged, illegal, neo- Nazi military organization, The Azov Battalion. ‘Azov’ means blue colored arm of sea. The Azov Unit of Ukraine is a rightist neo- Nazi organization based on Christianity and White racial supremacy. Ukraine government did not disband, rather legalized by merging it into ‘National Guards of Ukraine in November’ 2014. In 2016, The Azov unit formed its own political wing ‘National Corps Party’ headed by an ultra-Nationalist Andriy Biletsky who had audacity to declare that its motive is to ‘lead the white races of the world in a final crusade .. against Semite led Untermenschen, (the inferior human)’. Tattoos on the body of its members, the swastika, way of greeting, hailing, all are ditto Nazi-like. Azov Battalion is accused by ‘UN High Commissioner of Human Rights’ and ‘Amnesty International’ of blatant human rights violation. US Congress had passed a resolution in 2014 that US aid cannot be used for funding, arming and training Azov Battalion. But the US army HQ Pentagon pressurized Congress to roll back that resolution and the later complied faithfully!! Shouldn’t Mr. Biden enlighten the world why was this roll back effected? Several US Congress members, since then, are trying their best to condemn and brand Azov Battalion as foreign terrorist Nazi organization but unsuccessfully. Videos of this militia training with US weapons just like Islamic Mujahedeen’s of Afghanistan are viral on social media. What does all this mean? Blood thirsty US corporate companies like Facebook’s conduct shouldn’t surprise anyone after their conniving role in Rohingya genocide and Delhi ‘riots’. Facebook declared Azov as terrorist organization in 2016, branded it similar to Islamic State in 2019 but it has now not only reversed the ban but it is also praising Azov’s role, going all out to propagate its fascist acts. ‘Azov’ is not alone in its nefarious design it is working in tandem with growing US and European rightist racist groups. It is training civilians for a civil war against political activists. A hard chore scoundrel, President Putin is waging war for Russian oligarchs, raining death and destruction upon the hapless Ukrainians but did he not had enough material to use as excuse for waging war ‘to de-weaponize and de-Nazification of Ukraine’ and to hoodwink Russian people courtesy US hobnobbing in nasty activities in Ukraine?  Putin is, indeed, a war criminal but so are most of the US presidents who waged war against 84 countries out of 193 countries of the world.

Why Does NATO Exist Today?

The socialist camp, known as the ‘Warsaw Pact’ got disintegrated in 1991. A good 32 years have passed since then. Why is NATO not only existing today but it is being continuously expanded? Earlier, you were scared of communism, what are you afraid of now? Even after the USSR is gone, China has also gone down the drain by counter revolution but aren’t you still trembling in fear of communism, Mr. Biden? Why do you want to include entire Europe in NATO? Were you including Ukraine in NATO for the welfare of the Ukrainian people? What is your intention when you exhort, ‘we are not ready to push back NATO borders even an inch’? Isn’t it adding fuel to the fire? The whole world watched Donald Trump’s impeachment. Wasn’t he charged that he helped current President Zelensky win election by massive US aid to turn Ukraine into America’s client state? Shouldn’t the people of the NATO countries whom the US wants to drag into war, ask these questions to their respective governments?

Arm Twisting By Imposing Inhuman Sanctions Is Also A War

Biden imposed sanctions on trade from Russia for attacking Ukraine and announced that America will no longer buy oil from Russia. Similar trade restrictions apply to Venezuela and Iran also. Cuba is subjected to harsh economic sanctions since its birth. Why are these countries being punished? Any country that ‘dares’ stand up to US is subjected to inhuman economic sanctions to force it to capitulate. US and its ‘allies’ in imperialist plunder never care for its consequences and unspeakable sufferings caused by this inhuman act. This is ‘democracy and freedom’ in the unipolar world! ‘America will pay the price for bringing democracy, I want American companies not to take advantage of the calamity, not to raise oil prices’, says Biden as he has no doubt that these corporate’s hunger for profit is unsatiable and every war brings bonanza to them. A nation where heartbreaking groans of blacks, ‘I can’t breathe, I’m dying’ go unheard, who has invaded about half of the nations of the world has appointed itself as champion of democracy. Can peace prevail under such coercion and injustice? Imposing economic sanctions is also a war. This has been one-sided so far. This is the first time that any country has prevented the US-NATO bullies from using its air space, facing the heat for the first time and they are frothing in anger.

Catastrophe Of War Is Business As Usual For Them

On Saturday, March 19, Russia ‘tested’ its supersonic missile, Kinzal (dagger) against the hapless people of Kherson, Ukraine. There was death and destruction all around as over 100 people perished. Russian air force spokesman declares next morning in a business-like fashion, look, this is the next generation weapon, it can elude any defense system as it travels over 10 times of the sound speed, nothing can escape from its fire power. As if a professional salesman marketing his product. Now let’s have a look at another party’s salesperson’s response. India happens to be the biggest buyer of armaments and Russia is its biggest seller because Russian arms and terms of transfer of technology are cheap and reasonable in comparison to US. Smelling an opportunity to devour just like vultures, Victoria Nuland, US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs landed in New Delhi right on March 21, 2022, ‘to help India move away from dependence on Russia for the defense supplies’. She spoke to Indian Express and every word that she uttered reveals how US war hawks look at war as a rare opportunity to expand its market share of arms trade. ‘As autocracies (Russia & China) tighten their relationship .. it is important for democracies to stand together’, in her overenthusiasm, Ms. Nuland forgot that Russia and China are also ‘democracies’ now!! Ukraine war is between the ‘democracies’ only!! ‘Look how Russian equipment is performing on the battle field. Some 60% of surface to air missiles are not even operational’, she doesn’t hold back and look her audacity in revealing US connivance, ‘..so if we can help provide that (armaments) to Ukraine, we can also provide alternatives for India.. some of the weapons can actually be produced in Ukraine and some of the weapons (that Russia supplies) can be produced in the Eastern Europe .. whether it is about the UN system and under- cut the rules of the road that the US, India and other democracies of the world have built in favor of freedom. Whether it is that they let each other off the hook by financing each other’s militaries’. Entire interview that she gave to Indian Express is just to be read and the truth about US intentions will spill out. Her boss, President Biden rushed to Brussels on March 24 to meet NATO ‘allies’. What did he say there is far more revealing, “NATO leaders agreed to bolster defenses particularly in Eastern Europe and will deploy four new combat units in Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungry” declared Biden besides assuring Zelensky of supplying tanks, missiles, anti- ship and anti- aircraft weapons. These are the peace plans of NATO under Biden captaincy!! Imperialism has only this to offer. Each and every individual who represents interests of imperialist oligarchs is a war criminal.

That’s how financial capital thrives, that’s how it devastates. Its nature is to dominate. Domination can’t be exercised by singing love songs. India is no exception. Gautam Adani is at number ten and Mukesh Ambani at number eleven in this list of vulgar riches. Just before Corona epidemic, Gautam Adani’s companies were a sinking ship. Banks were reluctant to finance. Where did he get so much wealth in just two years when there was no production at all due to the lockdown? Drugs worth Rs 21000 crore were seized by NCB at his port and he was not even questioned!! How have the Birlas become rich? During the terrible famines under British rule, when people were dying on the streets, they were hoarding wheat and rice and selling these at exorbitant rates to the dying masses.  Dhirubhai Ambani institutionalized corruption and perpetrated all types of frauds to make ‘Reliance’ no 1 company in India, everybody knows. Governments have always been subservient to them but as the economic crisis is deepening by each passing day, this is being done so nakedly that the hidden game has become obvious. Process of privatization of armaments in our country is put in top gear by Modi government and soon we will see Indian army invading smaller countries to augment its market share in the deadly, nasty weapon trade.

Capitalism Crossed Expiry Date; Only Options – Socialism Or Extinction

All wars, so far, can be divided into two categories; First- war fought by the exploiters and second- the liberation war of the exploited. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, undoubtedly, falls in first category. Russia is fighting this war, killing and maiming Ukrainian people with impunity with the only motive of robbing Ukraine’s gas and oil resources for the Russian imperialist oligarchs which should be condemned and opposed by all with full might. Strong solidarity must be shown with Russian working class waging mass movements against this predator war in Russia even after brutal state repression. But the way America worked clandestinely for years to make this war happen and the way it is rallying NATO behind it, also needs to be condemned and exposed equally forcefully. US engineers wars. It thrives on catastrophe. There is absolutely no reason for NATO to exist today. America is expanding it which is dangerous and provocative. US nasty war games in Indian ocean and South China sea are equally dangerous and provocative. Working class of America and NATO countries should rise to the occasion and unleash militant mass movements against this. America is the biggest enemy of democracy in the world as it represents interest of the biggest cartels of the largest corporates, finance capital. It can’t afford peace. Well passed its expiry date, capitalism-imperialism is taking fascist course to survive. This bloody system and peace can’t live together. Imperialist wars today are actually wars among corporate companies. The very existence of the entire humanity is under threat. Imperialist wars cannot be avoided without burying imperialism. ‘The eve of socialist revolution’ is dragging too far. It’s a recipe of catastrophe. Weapons are not only to be sold, their live performance also requires to be displayed. This is not possible without wars. Performance of a particular brand of gun, missile, bomb is better, there is no escape from one particular brand supersonic missile, it can cause more destruction, devastation, tears down even the earth below buildings cannot be proved without killing, maiming people en masse. Their market share increases at the cost of mass destruction. Wars are not only created, built brick by brick, efforts are also made that fighting doesn’t stop ‘prematurely’. Information wars are unleashed that the losing side will win tomorrow to keep the war going. This is exactly what we are doomed to witness in raging war in Ukraine.

The second type of wars are wars of liberation which have been organized and fought by the exploited class against their oppressors. State powers are never changed by offering bouquets. Only the management committees of the ruling class are replaced by bonhomie. Even that is not happening in today’s fascist era. Feudal robbers were always either fighting a war or were preparing for one to increase their kingdom of loot. Today’s imperialist cartel gangs are doing the same to increase their market share. The war against Nazi Germany by the USSR under the worthy leadership of the great Stalin was the war to save the world from fascist genocide. Today these Russian imperialist thugs are exploiting those noble emotions of the Russian people and the army by putting USSR red flags on their tanks. That bluff and fraud is exposed by the working class of Russia by launching massive mass movements against war across Russia. Russian proletariat have a glorious past of rising to the occasion and there is no reason that they can’t repeat that. Wars have been planned by the imperialists to fleece people but their outcome have never been as per their schemes. Mass anger is near boiling point, anything can happen. ‘Sometimes nothing happens for decade and sometimes decades happen in week’, we, more particularly the Russian workers and soldiers have to remember this teaching by our great leader and teacher, Lenin. Working class of every country, Russian, US, NATO and rest of the world has to wage a war of liberation against their ‘own’ imperialists while cementing their class solidarity across the countries. Russian workers have led the world proletariat under the most difficult circumstances and the world proletariat is looking to them hopefully. The whole world is sitting on a volcano. In case, the spark of class struggle is lit and led on correct revolutionary line, the inferno will get unmanageable for the war mongers and the whole earth may shake off the cause of wars, once and for all.