PRC CPI (ML) Bids Revolutionary Farewell to Departed Comrade Sanjay Murmu

November 1, 2022 0 By Yatharth

We are informing all with a heavy heart that com Sanjay Murmu (age 34), who stood with the party like a rock for more than one decade, left us forever this afternoon. It is being said that he was suffering from jaundice, but the exact reason is not known as of now. He died on his way to Durgapur for further treatment. 

As far as the party committees are concerned, he could not develop into a higher committee member due to various reasons, but nevertheless, he always remained a comrade on whom the party depended upon for extremely important practical tasks. Since last two years, he had to take up regular jobs due to the economic hardships faced by him and his family, but he never abandoned the party work. As always, he remained our strong pillar till the end.

He returned to North Jambad only recently after his stay outside for work. From that time itself, he was suffering from high fever and continuous vomiting and was being treated for that as well. As the problem escalated, an attempt was made to take him to a bigger hospital in Durgapur but, as mentioned above, he took his last breath while on his way.

His body will remain at home today (North Jambad). He will be given a final revolutionary farewell tomorrow morning only after the arrival of his family members and party colleagues and well-wishers.

We stand as always with his bereaved family in this hour of grief and share in their grief and pain. Presenting the last revolutionary Lal Salaam to our brave comrade Sanjay Murmu, we pledge to take his dream to the end. Red Salute to Com Sanjay Murmu!

Kanhai Baranwal

West Bengal Committee


1988 – 8th October 2022