November 25, 2021 0 By Yatharth

Communist Workers Party

Thanks to the forthcoming assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh and Punjab Narendra Modi Government at last yielded to the long drawn historic struggle of the farmers. It has decided to withdraw the farm laws. Political parties throughout the country are claiming that the victory of the farmers are also their victories for the reason that they also had supported the farmer’s movement. Despite the euphoria the farmers have not left the site of their agitation. They contend that this victory is only partial, And the withdrawal can also be believed only when suitable action is taken to implement the decision in the Parliament. They declare that their agitation will be continuing till their other demands are also met. Indian media that has been partial and parochial all along in covering the views and news of this movement in favour of the Central Government that has promulgated these laws through undemocratic means starts contending that the lesson for the Government to be learnt from this is that while bringing reforms like this, the Government should take care and adopt a cautious attitude. By saying so they indirectly contend that the acts now withdrawn are in the main in the right direction of reforming the farm sector. But the means adopted to bring them about are not correct in not taking all the stakeholders into confidence. The capitalist controlled media is trying to imbibe thus into the minds of its viewers and readers that the full play of the market forces can only be the long standing solution to the problems faced by the country in economic matters in general and the agricultural sector in particular. Apparently they are not taking into account what the market economy has done for the toiling millions not only of our country but also of all the countries of the world in the past and at present.

The struggle of the farmers teaches us the lesson that not elections but movements and struggles alone solve the problems faced by one and all of the toiling millions. Some political parties contend that in this way the other Acts passed recently in Parliament by the BJP led Central Government such as the Citizenship Amendment Act etc., are also to be repealed. Definitely almost all the acts that have been passed by the BJP Government after it’s assuming office need to be withdrawn since they are all anti people and pro corporate in one way or another. But all these parties have forgotten to mention one glaring anti people Act the BJP Government. has passed in Parliament. Yes, They forget the passing of the labour codes. The labour Codes are brought about with the intent of depriving the workers of all their hard won rights and thereby paving the way for the capitalist to unleash attacks upon them to implement hire, tire and fire policy in fields and factories. The right lesson to be learnt by the working class in this regard is that the workers throughout the country should organise themselves the way the victorious farmers have done with thorough preparation and come forward to launch a protracted and long standing struggle for the withdrawal of the out and out anti- worker labour codes.

Comrade A. Anandan

General Secretary of South India,

Communist Worker’s Party, Tamilnadu

20th November 2021