November 25, 2021 0 By Yatharth

Barnala, Punjab [7th Nov 2021]

Mukti Sangram

On the occasion of 104th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution of Russia, a seminar on ‘Marxism and the National Question’ was organized by Adara ‘Pratibaddh’ in Tarksheel Bhawan, Barnala, Punjab on 7th November 2021. The keynote speakers in the seminar were Sukhwinder (Editor, ‘Pratibaddh’), Rohit Ruhela (CC member of Inqlabi Mazdoor Kendra), Ajay Sinha (GS, Proletarian Reorganizing Committee, CPI (ML)), Amit Akash (‘Sangharshrat Mehnatkash’ magazine), Parizaad (‘Desh-Videsh’ magazine).

[Speeches of the main speakers can be heard by clicking here (Sukhwinder), here (Ajay Sinha), here (Amit Akash), here (Rohit Ruhela), and here (Parizaad). The 2nd session of the seminar can be viewed here.]

The speakers said that the national question is quite relevant in today’s world. This is an unresolved issue in India itself. Not only the nations of Kashmir and the North-East are trapped in the wheel of national oppression, but nations in mainland India are also its victims. The communist revolutionaries of India cannot turn a blind eye to this issue. A correct understanding of the national question can be reached upon in light of the experience of Marxism and the Soviet Union. A socialist revolution in multinational capitalist India will also put an end to national oppression. Along with this, it was also said that communists never support reactionary nationalism but only progressive nationalism.

Various speakers said that the October Revolution had abolished national oppression in Russia, termed back then as a prison of nations, by overthrowing the Tsarist regime there. Therefore, organizing this seminar on the anniversary of October Revolution only adds to its relevance. They also noted that Adara ‘Pratibaddh’ deserves congratulations for organizing this seminar.

During the discussion, apart from the above speakers, Navjot Patiala, Jagjit Cheema, Manav, Veer Singh, Navjot Raikot, Gurpreet, Harpreet, Dr. Sukhdev also shared their views and asked questions.

Jagseer Jida and comrades of revolutionary platform ‘Dastak’, Navjot Patiala, Arsh, Kuldeep, Namita, presented revolutionary songs.

Ajaib Tiwana, Sukhdev Bhundri, Dr. Sukhdev Santnagar, Com. Mandhir Singh constituted the Presidium. At the end, former student leader Ajaib Tiwana thanked all participants in the seminar.