May Day Workers’ Convention In Patna

May 30, 2022 0 By Yatharth

IFTU (Sarwahara)

Report | Labour Movement

Patna, Bihar; 10th May 2022: IFTU (Sarwahara) successfully organized a workers’ convention in Patna’s IMA Hall on topic “May Day and Historical Mission of the Working Class in Present Conditions”, which was attended by workers and activists from Bihar (Patna, Gaya), West Bengal (Kolkata, Bardhaman) and Delhi.

The convention was conducted by comrades Dharma, Sanjay and Akanksha, and presided over by comrades Sanjit Adhikari and Vidushi. Com Saujany read out the approach paper on the topic (full text of which has been provided in this issue – ed.) on the basis of which a substantive discussion was held in two sessions.

The golden history of May Day and the working class movement, and its importance today in light of the national and international situation, where the severely crisis-ridden world capitalist system is continuously intensifying attacks on toiling masses thereby deepening the crisis of their life and livelihood; as well as the historical mission of the working class to establish a society free from exploitation (socialism to communism) by overthrowing the exploitation-based capitalist system, was discussed in the Convention on which various comrades presented their views.

In the first session, Com Sanjit Adhikari (IFTU(S) WB), Com Kanhai Barnwal (PRC, CPI (ML)), Com Baldev Jha (Bharat Jan Pahal Manch), Com Suryakar Jitendra (SUCI (C)), Com Satish Kumar (CCI), and Ajay Yayawar (Media Map magazine) addressed the gathering. Com Ram Naresh Goyal (IFTU(S) Ballia) had sent a written note on the topic, in light of his unavoidable absence, that was read out from the dias by Presidium comrades. In the second session, speakers were Com Siddhant (IFTU(S) Delhi), Com Mantu and Com Dhananjay (IFTU(S) Bihar). Also, Com Brij Kishore Tiwari (President, IFTU(S)) and Aadarsh (Collective Delhi) were present in the Convention.

Revolutionary folk songs were presented by comrades of cultural front Arunodaya namely Umesh Nirala, Satyendra, Arjun, Dhananjay, and Akanksha. In the end, ‘International’ was sung in memory of the martyrs of May Day and the working class movement, after which the convention was concluded with powerful slogans.

[Note: Videos of all speeches/songs are available on IFTUS Facebook page]